Cellucor C4 Icey Blue Raz flavor preworkout review

I recently purchased a tub of cellucor C4 preworkout supplement and after using it for a couple of weeks I want to share my thoughts on the product in this supplement review.  First off I would like to share some basic info about the product.  Cellcucor C4 is a stimulant based preworkout supplement which means it contains caffeine and other natural stimulants that give you a good boost in physical performance when working out. Cellucor C4 retails at $39.99 for a 30 serving container and is found in many health stores such as GNC, vitamin shoppe, vitamin world, not to mention online websites such as cellucor.com, amazon.com and bodybuilding.com.  

The preworkout supplement comes in a couple of different flavors, fruit punch, orange, pink lemonade and icey blue raz. There is a long list of ingredients but it's mainly vitamins and natural stimulants.

I bought the Icey blue raz flavor because it was different,  I had previously tried other preworkouts with fruit punch and orange flavor and most companies use similar flavoring so I thought id give Icey blue raz a shot.  I bet on the blue raz and I was not disappointed, it has a nice sweet raspberry flavor to it kinda like cool aid ice blue raspberry. Although i have to note that the flavor was overpowered by the sugar flavor.  the color of the drink was blue and it had a nice sweet aroma.  I always took it 30 min before working out and once I got to the gym I was quite pumped.  On the days that I didn't take the preworkout mix I noticed that my lifts wouldn't be as intense and sometimes I would not hit my maxes from the session before.  I never experienced the post gym crash that some describe for me it is usually a slow smooth decline in energy until i get back to normal.

My only con was that it is a little more expensive per serving than the competition (Jack3d, 45 serving $44.95).  with that in mind Jack3d has different active ingredients and many have problems with a strong crash after using it.  Therfore although I wish cellucor C4 was a bit cheaper, i don't mind paying a little bit extra for a better overall product with no energy crash.


- Good taste

- Great Workout pump

- No crash


- Tiny bit more expensive than competition