Unfortunately, My Cell phone Broke

    In today's society cell phones are an essential factor. It is almost impossible to function without their everyday use. Well when you do damage your phone in your series of unfortunate events there are things you can do before you go into a complete panic attack.    

New Investment

   First thing's first, you can obviously purchase a new phone. If you have  your phone insured, which is a wise action to take, most cell phone providers will offer to replace your damaged cell with a new phone. It might not be as upgraded as the first but at least it will have the basics: call, internet, text,etc. If you don't have your  phone insured and patience isn't a problem for you then waiting until your contract expires might be your best bet. Wait, until you can upgrade to an even better phone. You might even want to purchase a pre paid phone while you wait. Some pre paid phones are just as good as contract phones.

No phone, No money, No problem

If you don't have the pocket change or you can't afford to break the bank there are plenty of ways you can raise the money to buy a new cell phone. All you need are a few great ideas and a lot of determination.

  1. Start a small business - A little hard work never hurt anyone. Get out and put your  entrepreneurial skills to the test. Start a lawn care service and offer to mow all the neighborhood lawns for a reasonable price. Lemonade stands might be one of the oldest ways kids can make money but on a hot summer day a cold glass of lemonade sounds like a good idea and, it sounds like a good money-maker. 
  2. You've got talent; use it - Whether you can sing or dance or maybe you're just good at looking good. Whatever you're good at use it to your advantage and make some money using it. Not only will you be helping yourself but you'll also be giving back to your community by sharing your gifts with the world.
  3. Get crazy - Let your creative side emerge and do out of the ordinary tasks that people are willing to pay for. get really creative. Just remember the stranger the better. People are always willing to pay to see outrageous acts.

It's Always Good to Have Backup

Try to keep a second phone on hand, if you can. Purchase a prepaid phone and only put money on it when your current phone is destroyed or if you just want to use it. Phone providers like Virgin Mobile, Straight Talk, and Boost Mobile offer prices as low as $25/month for unlimited talk and text. Even Verizon, Alltel, and T-Mobile have phones that you can purchase with no contract.

In the End

Try to avoid  cell phone destruction. They are important. Take precautions. Get your cell insured if you haven't already; it may not seem reasonable but in the end you won't regret it.