Currently, there are a total of five states that have a law regarding cellular phone use while driving. Those who caught disobeying will be fined for $20 to $400, depending on the state provision. The driver is also required to attend driver education classes that will focus on cell phone use.

The banning of cell phone use is due to findings that the gadget is one of the main reasons why vehicular crashes happen. According to Nationwide Insurance's survey in 2008, 67 percent admitted to using cellular phones while driving and 6,000 people have actually died due to driving distractions. Texting or talking on the phone while driving is considered a driving distraction and may be just as deadly as driving under the influence.

Cellular phones and accidents are proven interrelated. But cellular phones are not the only in-car gadget that may become the cause of an accident.

  • Handheld gaming gadgets – It is fun to play games on portable gaming consoles when you're bored or if you love video games. But when driving, both hands should be on the steering wheel and the eyes should be focused on the road.

  • Portable movie player – Modern cars come with TV screens mounted on the back of the car seats' head rest. Miniature TVs that can be installed on dashboard are also available. Along with a portable CD or DVD player, they become a source of entertainment especially for the passengers. However, the driver must not engross himself in watching TV. In fact, maybe it will better not to buy and install such especially on the dashboard.

  • Music players and speakers – The practice of listening to music while driving has been around for a long time already, that's why cars always come with radio sets complete with cassette or CD player. However, with the popularity of portable MP3 players and car customization, music was taken to new heights. Some prefer listening on their portable MP3 and there also those who install huge speakers on their car's backseat for louder sounds. Both sounds from head or earphones and the loud volume of huge car speakers are distracting. They inhibit the driver from hearing sounds around the area like car horns or a traffic enforcer's whistle.

  • GPS – Believe it or not, there have been recorded incidents of accidents that were allegedly caused by global positioning satellites. GPS's are useful for directions and looking for destinations, but the directions pointed by the GPS are faulty. If the driver really is unfamiliar with the place, there is no guarantee that the route he'll be taking is safe.