Celtic Tattoos

Artwork That Symbolizes the Thread of Life

Celtic tattoos are popular for men because they are fine pieces of artwork consisting of geometric patterns and fine interwoven details. Celtic tattoos for men should not be confused with Irish tattoos. Celtic tattoos are artistic and have deep symbolism hidden within. This makes them a great choice for tribal tattoos or remembrance tattoos. Celtic tattoos consist of detailed knot work that represents the thread of life,  rebirth of the soul and the divine spirit. Celtic knots are often used for meditation because tracing a Celtic knot is very sedative and reflective. It reminds one of everlasting life and tracing the thread occupies the conscious mind and allows one to enter a deep trance through the flow of the pattern. 

Irish tattoos for men take up a different aspect altogether. They often are pictures depicting shamrocks, Irish flags, four leaf clovers, leprechauns, or the Claddagh ring. Cool tattoos for men will use elements of Irish graphics combined with Celtic art to make a fantastic and original tattoo for a man. A four-leaf clover with a Celtic Cross depicted in the middle of the shamrock is a great tattoo for a man. A celtic band with the words "Erin go bragh" or " Fighting Irish" or even another Celtic verse would look great on the arm of a man. 

Celtic tattoos without any added Irish element are also popular and original graphics for men when they are searching for tattoos. Celtic art has an interesting history and many elements to explore. There is more to Celtic art than just knot work.


Irish Tattoos

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Celtic Tattoos for Men

Other Choices and Symbolism

Designs for tattoos do not have to be limited to plaitwork or knot work. Celt tattoos are more than that. Hallstatt designs are mistaken for tribal art when they are truly Celtic designs. The are often geometric in style and maze-like while organic, leaf like spiral designs are called La Tene. Spirals, by themselves,  are joined by "s" or "c" formations and are widely popular designs choices for this theme.

Celtic dragons are a popular theme. Often they are depicted as water serpents or wingless and get intertwined into the knot work.  The symbolism of the dragon represents power and is a conduit for mystical and cosmic forces. The celtic dragon is a great choice for a man's tattoo.

The Celtic Cross is a truly popular tattoo design and rightly so. The cross is a powerful image and can be worked with plaitwork, Celtic spirals, animals, lettering, quotes and more. It is a great tattoo for remembrance. The oldest crosses found in historical imagery were found carved on stone slabs.

The sun symbol can be attributed to Taranis a Celtic sun god who rode across the sky in a chariot. He is also known as the god of thunder. the Taranis sun is an eight point image and can be combined with other Celtic imagery to  make an original piece of body art for men or women for that matter.

The triple knot, Celtic triangle, triquetra or Trinity Knot is another choice Celtic image. It can often be found interlaced into the Cetic Cross tattoo and represents your faith in god or the interconnection with the universe. It is a symbol of one's place in life and is a harmonious element to be used alone as a tattoo or in combination with other Cetic symbols.


Celtic Tattoos

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Celtic Tattoos for Men

Choosing a Tattoo

Hopefully you have gained a little more knowledge and have been inspired by the tattoo art work here. Choosing a tattoo is no simple matter since it will be with you for life, however, the choice of a celtic tattoo is a solid  one because the symbolism is powerful, the imagery is striking and the designs can be truly one of a kind. 

Never make a rash decision when choosing a design, take your time and think about what you would like the tattoo to say and mean to you and people who will see it. Choose colors wisely and visualize the placement of the tattoo on your body so you will continue to be happy with your choice years after getting inked.

It will help if you redesign any elements that you plan to get tattooed. This will make it more personal for you. You can re-draw your choice with a stencil kit that are readily available online or if you are not a great artist ask a friend to redraw it for you. You can pay some one to alter the design. An artist at any tattoo studio will do this for you. Any art college students will be happy to edit your tattoo design for a small fee. Just contact the college's art department for more information about hiring college art students. 

Use henna to get the design inked on your skin prior to making it a permanent addition to your body. this way you can see if you like the placement of the design on your body and alter anything about the design before it becomes permanent.

Celtic Tattoos

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