If you have ever wanted to write a movie script but not sure where to begin then start at the Celtx website. Celtx is a free script writing program that has all the features of paid software but is free. If Celtx charged for there movie script writing software they would be worth the price. Fortunately Celtx is an open source program that is free to use.

Many first time script writers will attempt to to use a word based program to write there movie script such as Microsoft Word. You can write a script with a word program but it will take you forever to properly format your script. Celtx automatically formats you movie script into the proper format. If you plan on trying to sell your movie script to the big time Holly Wood movie companies then you better have your movie script properly formatted or your movie script will simply get tossed into the trashed without even reading the first page of your script.

Script writing software such as Celtx makes the formatting of your script easy. Once set up you simply write out your dialogue and it is automatically formatted. Instead of spending your days formatting your script you can simply write your script.

Celtx is used by movie script writers around the world however you can write much more than just movie scripts when using Celtx. You can use Celtx to write and plan for all types of stage acting, video games, pod casts, music videos, documentary films, and anything else media related.

Celtx is much more than just a simple script writer. Celtx is an all in one software that allows you to not only write the script but also lay out the story board as well as manage and design production schedules for the actual filming of your movie script.

Celtx is used by various film schools around the world. Celtx is not a program that lacks features. Celtx is a full fledged script writing program that not only matches its rivals but exceeds them in many ways. Celtx has been stripping away the market share of its competitors by offering a better product. The best part is the cost of Celtx which is unmatched by there competitors. Celtx is Free.

Celtx does offer some add on modules that have minimal charges but they are not needed in order to experience the full functionality of the Celtx script writing software. Many of these ad dons are simply visual or work trackers. If you download Celtx you will get a full functioning script writing program that has no limitations or time limits. The main Celtx program is truly free.

As with all computer based programs there is a learning curve to using the Celtx software but Celtx does a good job of getting you started quickly so you can spend your time writing your movie script and not reading an instruction manual.

If you have ever wanted to write a movie script then go download Celtx for free. If you write daily you can have the first draft of your script done in no time. You will never ever be able to sell your movie script is you do not write out your movie script so go use Celtx.

Writing out your ideas into a movie script can be a lot of fun. Celtx make sit easy for you to develop your characters and to also keep notes on each character. Celtx is all you need to write a movie script that conforms to Holly Wood production standards. Once you have Celtx all you need to do is to begin writing you movie script.