Ceramic flower pots are a popular choice amongst gardeners. Ceramic flower pots are made through the same process as other pottery. Ceramic flower pots are regarded as pieces of art, as most people use them as decorative objects to enhance the look of their environment.

Ceramic flower pots are available in various shapes and sizes, but you should always choose a pot which is wider at the top than at its bottom, which is condusive to the growth of your plants.

Ceramic flower pots are available as glazed or unglazed types and they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses. The ceramic flower pots add a unique look to our home's interior and the plants they contain bring a touch of green which gives the environment a peaceful appearance.

There are many advantages of using ceramic flower pots in your garden:

* Ceramic flower pots have porous walls, allowing air and moisture to penetrate through the sides of the pot.

* They are heavy, providing excellent balance for large or heavy plants.

* They are suitable for most plants, providing ideal conditions for plants that like dry soil because of the porosity of clay used in making of the pots.

* They can be kept anywhere around the house and can sustain heavy rainfall and strong storms due to their heavy weight.

* They also aid in removing moisture from the soil. This feature of the ceramic pots can be looked as both an advantage and a disadvantage, depending upon the water needs of the plant.

* They are available in all colors and shapes. They can be fully hand-crafted and with customized design.

* They are ideal for an outdoor garden. Ceramic pots have thick walls that protect plant roots from rapid changes in temperature which otherwise can be destructive.

* They are very inexpensive and can be bought from any gardening store nearby you. The prices range from $5 to more than $450, depending if they are glazed or not, on their design and size.

Disadvantages of using ceramic flower pots are:

* Ceramic flower pots have a tendency to dry quickly; this property can be a problem for moisture loving plants.

* They have a tendency to form a white crust outside the pot. This is formed when dissolved mineral salts from the soil are washed outside through the pot wall. Some find this layer attractive, but most gardeners find it unsightly. However, the salt deposits can be scrubbed off if needed.

* The ceramic pots can break easily, so extreme care should be taken while moving them from a place to another.

Where to buy

You can get beautifully crafted ceramic flower pots from your nearby pottery store or from Wal-Mart. If you don’t have any stores nearby, you can go to www.arizonapottery.com or www.p-wholesale.com for the best deals on glazed and unglazed ceramic flower pots. You can also search the internet to find the ceramic flower pots that you want. Always buy a product whose description is well defined on the store’s website. Also, always consider the reviews from other people who purchased the product, as it really helps you evaluate the quality of the product.