Ceramic Garden Stool 4If you are looking for a way to make your home, porch or garden shine, you should consider getting a ceramic garden stool. What is a Ceramic Garden Stool? It is just like it sounds, and yet so much more.

Ceramic Garden Stool 2It is a home or garden accent. An accent doesn’t overwhelm or overpower. It just “accents”. A garden accent:

  • Makes your home or garden stand out from the crowd.
  • Adds personality to your yard, garden or deck. If you are looking for a way to reflect your personality in your home or yard, an accent is the perfect way to do it.
  • Has a boundless sense of style. The only limits are your creativity!
  • May be wind chimes, statuary, an outdoor fireplace, a fancy outdoor grill or cooler, or a ceramic garden stool. In fact, garden stools are among the most popular of garden accents right now.

Ceramic Garden Stool 1Ceramic Garden Stool 8They can be used inside or outside, in the garden, on the patio, on the porch, in the living room, the bathroom… Again, you are limited only by your boundless imagination!

Frequently they are used as a decorative seat, a table, or base for a larger table surface on the patio or outdoor dining area. They also work great as a pedestal or as a plant stand for a special plant. People use them as end tables or side tables when eating, for placing a book and a cup of coffee while enjoying the morning sun, or for holding candles next to a bath tub or hot tub.

Perhaps above all else, ceramic garden stools are unique works of art. Each one is stylish and beautiful, oozing charm.

A Brief History of the Garden Stools

Ceramic Garden Stool 5Ceramic garden stools have been used for over a thousand years as a casual accent in Chinese gardens. As you may know, Chinese gardens are the epitome of beauty, peacefulness, lushness and grace. These ancient stools have been an important part of that setting for a millennia.

Ceramic Garden Stool 9In the nineteenth century they started appearing in British conservatories. Due to their popularity, English potteries began producing new designs with brighter colors and a more open construction. Now, in the twenty first century, they are once again surging in popularity throughout the U.S., and indeed the world.

Ceramic Garden Stool 3Their rise in popularity is for good reason. They are versatile, inexpensive, and easy to clean. Most are strong enough to use as a seat, though some are designed to be used exclusively as a small table. You can find traditional Chinese models as well as many contemporary designs from which to choose.

Types of Stools

Ceramic Garden Stool 7There are hundreds, or even thousands, of stools available today. They usually fall into one of three broad categories:

  • Chinese ceramic garden stools – These traditionally have a barrel shape with a solid or nearly-solid exterior. White or muted colors are frequently used. They are subtle, with a graceful beauty.
  • Modern ceramic garden seats – Typically these come in brighter colors, with more diverse shapes and open designs. Yet they are still classy.

Ceramic Garden Stool 6

  • Ceramic garden tables – These tend to be wider, flatter and taller than stools, and sometimes more delicate – i.e., not able to support the weight of a full-grown adult. Yet there is no hard and fast dividing line between the dimensions of a stool and a table. That is for good reason, as the point is for you to open your mind and see the diverse possibilities of your beautiful art piece. Use it however you see fit.

Ceramic Garden Stool 10Ceramic stools come in many shapes, though the traditional barrel shape is the most common. Nevertheless, even amongst barrel shapes there is a surprising variety of patterns and designs. There are also many other interesting shapes and styles. You can find pillars, geometric patterns, mushrooms (yes, I said mushrooms), vases, boxes, pedestals, squares, and twisted forms to name just a sampling of what is available. In short, you can find anything to match your imagination and fit your desires.

If you haven't yet considered purchasing a ceramic garden stool, hopefully this article has opened your mind to the possibilities. No matter what your tastes, there is something out there to suit it.