Ceramic switch plate covers are great if you are looking for something a little different. Metal or wood switch plates work fine with more traditional or period decorating styles, but sometimes you just gotta go a little funky.

Ceramic plate covers are glazed and painted just like a ceramic pot or mug. They are breakable so a little bit of extra care needs to be taken when handling them. Lead is still used in ceramic glazes so be cautious with them when buying kids light switch plates.

Other than the lead and the possibility of breakage ceramic can be one of the most creative and unique choice when shopping for outlet covers. The can be flat and simply painted with a design or they can be molded with a picture or design in relief.

Light switch plate covers surround the switch that works a light or outlet. These covers can be plain or decorative. The covers hide all the inner working of the switch itself. The wires are covered and kept from being touched by people or objects. Ceramic is just one of the many possible materials that they are manufactured from. Push button switch plates are available if you have that type of switch.

Wall switch plate covers are needed in every room of the house. Ceramic works well in rooms with unusual themes. Bathroom and kitchen switch plates can be formed into less traditional molds to continue the theme that is used in the room. You could get something like a switch plate shaped like a lighthouse if your bathroom has a lighthouse them running through it.

Switch plates are easy to install and are a quick fix to a room that needs a little … something. Just remove the screws holding the plate against the wall, remove, and replace. Make sure that you check the wiring whenever you replace a plate cover to ensure that all wires are secured and are not damaged in any way. As electrical covers are simple to replace they can be changed at a whim. They are also economical and you can have a few different sets which can be swapped out whenever the urge strikes.

Ceramic switch plates are easy to customize. You may even be able to make and paint your own if you have a pottery shop near you. If you are not comfortable with making your own ceramic switch plate cover there are a number of online retailers that will create custom switch plates for you.

Ceramic is a good choice but is not for everyone or every decorating style. If it will not work for your room or home you might look into some of the other options. Oak switch plates are a beautiful choice for a room that is decorating in wood. Homes decorated in period furnishings might do best with antique switch plates. For an extremely dramatic look oversized outlet covers might be a good idea. One of my personal favorites is oil rubbed bronze switch plates. These are not too shiny, can have an antique look to them, and just look wonderful in the home.

No matter the style chosen there are decorative switch plates that can be found or created to match the room. Just do a little shopping around until the perfect plate jumps out and demands that it be purchased. Just make sure that you know how many you have and of what type before you run out and start buying them.