Careers in health care are expected to grow substantially over the next few years. Of all the health care careers out there one of the highest in demand is the certified nursing assistant. Someone who obtains a CNA certification can find a job almost anywhere. A certified nursing assistant is a very important member of any health care team. The CNA is the person who does the basic hands on care of the patient. A CNA is also the eyes and ears of the nurse. When something goes wrong with a patient the certified nursing assistant is usually the first one to notice. If this sounds like an interesting career path to take keep reading to learn more about certified nursing assistant training.

Certified nursing assistant training can be obtained at your local college. The time required to complete certified nursing assistant training will vary from college to college. Classes may fill up quickly so it is best that you try to register early. If you don't have a local college you may want to check into certified nursing assistant training through your local chapter of the Red Cross. Certified nursing assistant training through the Red Cross is usually cheaper than attending college classes.

Another option you may have when looking for certified nursing assistant training is your local health care facility. A few of the larger hospitals and nursing homes will have certified nursing assistant training classes that can prepare you for your CNA certification exam. Be advised if you take a class through your local health care facility you will probably be required to work there for a specified period of time after you become certified.

Most all certified nursing assistant training programs will have specific criteria that you must meet to be eligible to join. Depending on the state that you live in there may be an age requirement. Most all certified nursing assistant training programs will require you to pass a reading and comprehension exam prior to entering the program. This is because reading and comprehension make up a large part of any nursing assistant training curriculum. It is also an important part of your job after you receive your CNA certification.

After you finish all the required certified nursing assistant training classes you will have to take a final test to receive your CNA certification. This exam consists of two parts. You will have a written test that evaluates your knowledge of patient care and assesses your critical thinking skills. The second part of the exam is a skills assessment test. During this section, you will be asked to successfully perform a few tasks in front of the test proctor. This is an important part of the CNA certification exam because it verifies that you are able to perform the physical aspects of the job without compromising patient safety.

If you are interested in the health care field then certified nursing assistant training may be right for you. When you become a certified nursing assistant you can choose to work in a long term care facility or a hospital. The pay is great and you get the satisfaction of knowing you have made a difference in the lives of others.