The new Cervelo R5 is here and is getting some pretty good reviews. The Cervelo R5 has predecessor bikes with a great history including wins in the Tour de France. Let’s take a look at the new Cervelo R5.

Cervelo R5 Specifications

Weight – 15.0 pounds (Frame only = 800 grams)

Frame – Cervelo Smartwall Carbon Fiber

Components – SRAM Red shifters, derailleurs, brakes, cassette. Fulcrum Racing 7 wheels

Cervelo R5 Weight is Impressive

Every year bikes keep getting lighter and lighter and this year is no different. The Cervelo R5 is one of the lightest bikes out there.

While not everyone is a pro racer, the lighter the bike is the better. Most serious roadies will appreciate the helpfulness of the reduced weight to their power to weight ratio.

Cervelo R5 Comfort

The Cervelo R5 has a lot of meaningful changes from earlier R series bikes. The head tube length has been increased slightly depending on the size of the bike. This has allowed riders to have a little higher handlebar setting.

By doing this the Cervelo R5 has become more than just a pro racing bike. It is comfortable enough for the serious every day rider. The Cervelo R5 stiffness has also increased dramatically. This has lead to a greater comfort level for the rider giving a smoother more relaxed feel. The last thing you want in a high end bike is to not have a smooth ride. This bike gives you that comfort you are looking for.

Cervelo R5 Price

The Cervelo R5 lists at $6600. Other comparable bikes include the Trek Madone 6.7 which lists for $6820, the Giant TCR Advanced SL2 listing for $6300, and the Cannondale SuperSix Hi Mod 1 Dura Ace that lists for $6899.

All of these bikes are of similar quality and price. The key is finding the bike that works for your needs.

Who Should Buy the Cervelo R5?

With the high price tag this bike obviously isn’t for the average everyday rider. Those who enjoy a few serious weekend races will love this bike. Not only is it a great racing bike, it is also comfortable enough to use for your everyday training rides. Cervelo R5Even if you are not a racer but you are still serious about riding and put in at least 2500 or 3000 or more miles a year, the Cervelo R5 might just be the bike that you have been looking for.