If you come across a woman suffering from cervical cancer, you can shed tears. This is because; you will find a woman writhing in pain and agony. It is therefore very important to know details about this disease which contribute to almost a half of the deaths caused by cancer. Cervical cancer is caused by a virus called human papilloma virus HPV. The virus is transmitted through sexual intercourse. It can be transmitted from one woman to another by a man. The disease affects the cervix area of the female reproductive organ.

Symptoms of cervical cancer

Virginal Bleeding
Women, who are affected by cervical cancer, usually bleed abnormally. The bleeding is completely different from that which occurs during a menstrual period. The bleeding is also irregular since it occurs at any time. It is coupled with severe pain.

Pain during sex
Affected women do not enjoy the sexual intercourse due to pain during they suffer in the sexual act. The pain is usually caused when the head of the penis comes into contact with the cervix. The pain persist causing bleeding. This pain occurs when the disease is in the late stage.
The virginal discharge contains a lot of blood due to bleeding. Also the woman feels pains when passing out urine. In most cases, the pain makes a woman uncomfortable since she cannot sit in the right posture.

Bad odor from the vagina is another common symptom of the cervical cancer. The odor is due blood and pus which are normally in the cervix.

Effects of cervical cancer
Cervical cancer can cause barrenness if it is not treated in the early stages. It can also cause death within a short time.

Prevention and treatment of the cervical cancer

To prevent cervical cancer, there are important measures which must be taken.

Faithfulness in marriage
It is good that partners in a marriage be faithful to one another. This is important because, the virus is carried from one woman to another by man. Since the disease does not show signs in the early stage, it is difficult to know which woman has it. The best thing to do is to be faithful to partner.

 Regular checkup
Women should go for regular checkup to ensure that they are tested for cervical cancer. This is important because, if the disease is discovered in the early stage, it can be treated. Also, a high hygiene level is recommended. Report any unusual pain in the vagina to a health care provider.