A cervical pillow is a kind of pillow that sometimes has a cut out section in the middle and elevated sides. It is designed to keep the head and neck aligned with the spinal cord while sleeping. It helps in giving relief to people that are suffering from neck pain caused by disorders and diseases of the tissues in the neck such as degenerative disc disease, neck strain, whiplash and herniated disc. These disorders and disease can be caused and accident or may be hereditary. It's very important to find ways and means to gradually eliminate the pain because without it, the brain can efficiently communicate with all the parts of the body. Not getting enough rest and sleep because of neck pain may lead to a bigger problem if not given attention. Some people may find it awkward to use the pillow, but will eventually get used to it in a very short span of time. Besides, if waiting means being free from pain, then it's worth the wait.

This pillow is also known as cervical traction neck pillow, cervical neck pillow and cervical support pillow. It comes in different shapes, sizes and designs as well, like any other pillows in the market. It is commonly made of foam and fiber. There are several types of this pillow as well, such as water neck pillow as well as inflatable versions. A water pillow is perfect for people that sleep their backs or on their side because its fits to the position of the user while sleeping. On the other hand, the inflatable pillow works almost like the water pillow. Both of the pillows can be adjusted to your desired elevation and both can take any shape that the body is making but the inflatable pillow is more preferable. It is very light and portable. Since its inflatable, then you can deflate it if you're planning to take it with you on a trip. Wherever you might be, you can still have a pain free sleep.

Whatever cervical pillow you have, whether it's inflatable or water filled, it is still important that you refer your situation to a specialist even though this pillow might give you some relief. It's important that you get recommendations and professional advice that would help you to completely eliminate the pain. It is important to take into consideration that it is not advisable to self-medicate, that's the reason why doctors/specialist exists in the first place.