Chain Link Fences: Highly Cost Effective
Chain link fences are made from bending lengths of wire in zigzag patterns and weaving them together to produce a signature diamond pattern in the fence. Chain link fences do not provide privacy, but are sometimes used to grow plants on, creating more privacy in a yard. Plants growing though a chain link fences can damage the fence, and can be naissance to keep from growing through the fence so if you want privacy a privacy fence is probably a better idea.

Chain link fences are one of the most cost effective fencing types for enclosing large areas. Although, the appearance of a chain link fence will not be pleasing to all buyers, they will outlast and cost less to maintain than a wooden fence. Chain link fences are widely used to fence large subdivisions in North America. Many building contractors will install chain link fences along the property lines of their buildings and the lots of finished homes. Because of their low cost many cities and towns have ten foot chain link fences enclosing many public areas such as basketball courts, and tennis courts. Many subdivisions are also cluttered with pathways and trails contained within five foot chain link fencing.

Are Chain Link Fences Secure Choices?
Standard chain link fences provide a minimal amount of security. It's not difficult to hop over the most commonly used five foot chain link fences. Nevertheless they are often used to deter people from running across yards. Unlike a solid vinyl, or wood fence, chain link fences can be cut with a pair of wire cutters and someone can put a large hole in the fence in a matter of seconds. The main security downfall of these fences is that people often cut their way through them. This leaves a hole that anyone, including animal pests, can get through.

To provide more security manufacturers have greatly increased the strength of the steel wire used in making chain link fences. New chain link fences are considerably stronger than earlier chain link fences and harder to cut through. Chain link fences are usually made from galvanized steel to increase the hardness of the wire. Galvanized steel is also resistant to rust making the fence weather less from water. Some chain link fences are coated with special polymers that won't crack over time, and that protect the steel wire from rusting. Rusted fences are weakened over time and will eventually deteriorate.
Heavy gauge steel, chain link fencing is often used in prisons, and other areas where high security is necessary. Although, there are also security fences that are harder to climb and cut through on the market. Chain link fences used for security are very high and barbed at the tops to prevent people from jumping over them.

Do-it-yourself Chain Link Fencing
As with many other types of fencing chain link fences are often sold with do-it-yourself packages explaining how to install the fence. The main difficulty in installing a chain link fence is keeping tension in the fence while fastening it to the posts that can be as far as fifty feet apart. Post are generally not further than fifty feet apart, as rolls are commonly sold in fifty foot lengths, but if you are doing it yourself and want to make sections of fencing longer fencing can be easily attached using the fasteners included in the package.

Purchasing Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fences are one of the least expensive fences. Installation is faster than a wooden or vinyl fence and maintenance is by far the lowest cost in fencing. There are many companies in the United States and Canada that sell and install chain link fences. You can even purchase fencing for your entire property online. On top of saving in driving around shopping, online companies have been known to offer free delivery and inexpensive installation fees across large service areas. A fifty foot roll of chain link fencing can cost as much as $30 depending on the gauge. Installers will need many fasteners, and may need many pieces hardware that can cost $0.50 to $5 per piece. You will also need at least 4 posts at $15 per piece.