Gears Of War Comes to Real Life - Introducing the Chainsaw Bayonet

You may think having a bayonet on your gun is quite retro, but what would you say if we switched out your pain old knife bayonet and replaced it with a powerful chainsaw bayonet. If you have ever played the video game Gears of War chances are you would be pretty excited to run around with a powerful gun with a chain saw attached to the end of it, just imaging the people, I mean zombies you could saw in half!

If you were to set one of these up at home, I would highly suggest you treat this chainsaw bayonet like you would scissors; don't run with them, or you might saw off a limb!

If you think this is a big joke, I have a video of this bad ass gun/chainsaw combo in action, to back these pictures up!

Up Close & Personal Chainsaw Bayonet Pictures:

Chainsaw Bayonet Pic 1

Chainsaw Bayonet Pic 2

Chainsaw Bayonet Pic 3