A chainsaw helmet is one of the best investments in protective gear that a person can make. From professional loggers, arborists, and landscapers down to the handyman using a weed whacker, a protective head covering greatly reduces the chance of serious injury due to an accident and increases efficiency, too.
There are many brands on the market, but not every chainsaw helmet is created equal. Before shopping for a hard-hat the logger should learn more about the features that distinguish a great helmet from just a good one.

3 in 1 Protection

The best protection is one that protects in as many ways as possible. The Husqvarna Pro Forest Helmet System is one of the most popular models on the market today because it offers outstanding three-way protection. The hard hat helps protect the head from falling branches and accidental blows. The nylon coated metal mesh visor stops flying debris from hitting the user's face and eyes. The attached earmuffs offer a noise reduction rating of 25 decibels. It even has a detachable rain protector for the neck. The Husqvarna is a great protector and its high visibility orange color is just one more layer of safety it provides. Always choose a helmet that protects the head, face, and ears.


Besides the advantages of three-way protection there are basic features that make a helmet more comfortable. The more comfortable and easier to use that a helmet is means that it is more likely to be worn. A helmet left in a tool box or truck bed helps no one. Any good chainsaw helmet should offer an adjustable multi-point suspension system for proper fit and comfort. A better lumberjack helmet will also have an inner sweatband to keep perspiration out of the operator's eyes. Built in earmuffs are often overlooked, but make a world of difference. A NRR of 20 db or more should be a minimum. This will reduce the noise of a typical 100db chainsaw down to that of an ordinary vacuum cleaner. For anyone that cuts timber often or for long periods of time, noise reduction is a must.


A chainsaw helmet is a sound investment and is a very affordable method of protection. A landscaping helmet can be purchased for less than $40 with other professional models a bit more. An excellent choice at a great price is the Makita 841001- Commercial Grade Landscaping Combo Helmet. It boasts the desirable three-way protective features and also comes in a high visibility orange color.

Chainsaw HelmetChainsaw safety products are a booming industry as more and more people take on do-it-yourself projects that were formerly hired out. Chainsaw chaps and chainsaw pants are absolute necessities and vests and boots are highly recommended, too. Stand alone helmets with separate goggles and earmuffs are fine, but it is likely that one or more pieces will be forgotten or not used. A combo helmet will keep all pieces together and at the cutter's fingertips. Many people think that an accident could not happen to them and forgo this protection. A saw operator should never succumb to a macho attitude. There is nothing wimpy about safety gear. It is just another tool in the toolbox.A chainsaw helmet should never be overlooked and can save a logger's vision, hearing, and possibly his life!