Chainsaw pants are a serious line of defense for the professional logger or the handyman who uses a chainsaw regularly. Protective gear is a real necessity. Chainsaw injuries number in the tens of thousands annually and some injuries prove to be deadly.

It is important to operate a chainsaw carefully and use all the necessary required gear for protection: chainsaw helmets, pants or chaps, vest, boots, and even gloves. While nothing is fullproof in preventing injury or accidents, chainsaw pants can give you a second chance by greatly decreasing the odds of a serious injury.

Like chainsaw chaps, the line of protective logging pants are generally constructed from nylon and polyester with several layers of Kevlar added to key areas for safety. The front leg and back calf are critical areas to keep covered and protected. Chainsaw pants can be worn over other garments or there are styles meant to be worn on their own. Within these two styles, there are many differences and features. Some pants are made from Kevlar and other fabrics throughout. Other styles feature slip in pads of Kevlar that target key areas and these pads can often be replaced if nicked or cut by a saw.

Kevlar pants are easily the most common type of logging pants found on the market. It is easy to work with Kevlar since it is a flexible fabric. This lightweight material is marketed by Dupont as being stronger than steel on a pound for pound basis. Kevlar chainsaw pants easily give a user more protection from injury than pants made from polyester or ballistic nylon.

While no safety pants will fully stop a chainsaw, a proper pair will protect the user long enough to allow for an increased reaction time before the injury becomes too serious. These extra split seconds are sometimes all it takes. Most pants will protect past the 2750 feet per minute guidelines recommended by the American Society for Testing and Materials. The Kevlar fibers can jam and clog a chain (even carbide chains) and greatly reduce chance of injury from a kickback.

Chainsaw pants often have oil, water and grease repellent outer layers to keep them cleaner. Many styles have articulated knees for increased comfort. Long ankle zippers make them easy to put on and take off even with the bulkiest logging boots. Cargo styles are very popular and feature tool pockets on the side for added functionality. The best models are truly lightweight and stylish enough it is hard to even tell that they are protective pants. The come in a wide range of popular colors like blue, black, green, forest green and safety orange.

There are many respected companies offering logging gear and protective clothing. The buyer should check for OSHA and ASTM International safety conformance and not necessarily the cheapest. A few extra bucks now may save hundreds or thousands in future medical bills. It is easy to shop for a quality pair of leg protection. If they are not available locally, homeowners can shop for them online. The same great companies that produce quality chainsaws and parts also are instrumental in staying on the cutting edge of protective gear research and manufacturing. There are many popular and quality chainsaw pants for sale.