Chairs For Decoration and Use in Teenage Girl's Bedrooms

When thinking of decorating ideas for your teenage daughter's bedroom, most people think of certain themes, colors and styles, then accessories.  Chairs are an essential accessory for any bedroom, especially for a teenager.  Even though teens are often content to sit on beds, chairs can be a more comfortable alternative when listening to cds, browsing the internet, or just having a girl talk session.  There are many styles and shapes to choose from when deciding what type of chairs to purchase for your daughter's room.  You also need to take space into account regarding what will fit and what will end up working well with whatever theme used in your teenage girl's bedroom.  For decorating a teen girl's bedroom, what types of chairs are there to choose from?  And what needs can these chairs fill in her room?

Rolling  swivel chairs work well at a desk or computer table.  These can be padded or not; have arms or be armless chairs.  PBteens sells these type of chairs in a variety of colors and patterns to work with the color scheme or theme of your teenage daughter's bedroom.  If you go for a more standard straight back chair, they, too, can be found with anything from polka dots to zany flower power designs at PBteens.  For a chair of one color, variety can be achieved through use of various chair pads in different patterns or colors.  Whatever type you choose, make sure it has good back support for the hours spent online or at a desk working on homework.  These ideas are one way you can choose a chair for practical as well as decorative use in decorating your teenage girl's bedroom.

Beanbag chairs make perfect seats for friends hanging out in your teen's room.  Plus, they are great space savers; if your daughter has a small space bedroom they can be stacked and stored in a closet when not in use - or stacked against a wall.  From small to medium to giant size, beanbag chairs come not only in a variety of sizes, but colors and designs as well.  Some foam and inflatable chairs resemble bean bags chairs.  The popular ichair is another close to the floor chair, with a place for an ipod and speakers in the chair.  Moon chairs, while a big larger, are very welcoming in a teen girl's bedroom and are great for decorating a teenage girl's bedroom with their color and fabric variety.  For snuggling up with a book on a rainy day, moon chairs can't be beat!

For double duty seating along with decorating ideas for a teenage girl's bedroom, try an ottoman that doubles as storage space underneath.  Small, stackable, tiki stools work great for seats and double for storage, or can even be used as giant game pieces.  For small space bedrooms, this can be a positive seating arrangement.

Try out the chairs first in any Walmart or Target store, or shop online to get the best price, along with a great variety of styles and colors to go well with decorating your teen girl's bedroom.  Expect to spend from fifteen dollars on up for these chairs, depending on manufacturer, style, and retailer.  But don't forget the chairs for both practicality and decoration for your teenage daughter's bedroom!


Trendy Tips: Chairs for Teen Girl's Bedrooms   Chairs can be wonderful accessories for any teen girl's bedroom.  Besides being functional, they can also reflect a bedroom theme, or a teen's sense of style in her furnishings.  While your teenage daughter and her best friend might be content to flop down on her bed, it's nice to have a chair - or chairs - around for casual seating to listen to cds,  browse the internet, or just talk.  From desk chairs to comfy casual chairs, there are many styles and selections to choose from just perfect for a teen girl's bedroom.    For a desk or computer table, there are many varieties of swivel chairs.  Some are cushioned, some are not.  You can get one with arms or without.  At places such as PBteen you can find a many styles and colors to complement a teen's bedroom,  from polka dots to paisley or floral designs.  Non-swivel colored or patterned desk chairs can also be found.   Seat pads can change the look of a desk chair easily.   Your daughter will probably be spending a good amount of time on a computer or desk chair so go for comfort in addition to one that has good back support.   If your teen has friends hanging out in her room, beanbag chairs are a perfect addition.  They can be found in different sizes, too, depending on the amount of space in her bedroom.  Smaller ones can be stored in a closet when not in use.  Inflatable chairs and foam chairs that have the appearance of beanbags chairs are another option.   Another type of closer to the floor chair is the popular ichair, with speakers and a pocket for an ipod.  Moon chairs also come in different colors and fabrics and look very welcoming in a teen's bedroom.   On a rainy day they are just right to snuggle in with a good book.

Ottoman's can also work for seating, and double as storage space.  Tiki stools work for seats, are stackable, and can be used in other ways, too, from storage to giant game pieces.   If space is limited, seating that does double duty can be a plus.

Most of these chairs can be tried out in a furniture store, or the furniture department of a Walmart or Target.  Price ranges are in the usually around fifteen dollars on up, depending on style, design, and manufacturer.  When decorating your teenage girl's bedroom, don't forget to include chairs.  They'll make her friends feel welcome.

Teenagers are a different breed and will like to reflect their personality through the way they decorate their rooms. As a parent, you will be paying the bill and you will likely want to have your say. Working with your teenager girl to get the best of both worlds will be to your advantage.