What kind of chair is good for back pain?

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When looking for chairs and recliners, one of the main things you should know is what kind of position are you comfortable in? Do you like to sit or "sit back"? If you are just sitting on the chair, a very comfortable way to deal with your back pain will be to look for chairs with good lumbar support. It is very crucial that you never just recline back by putting force on your back, or lean ahead completely for that matter.

On the other hand, if you want to rest your whole body in a sleeping position or a semi-sleeping position, you could opt for lounge chairs with or without ottoman. These lounges should be very soft to touch, but the back should be strong so as to support your entire back in a locked position.

Back pain eventually leads to disability

Did you know? More than 10 percent of men and about 8.7 percent of women will suffer from back pain in their life, and a research[1] done in University of Queensland's School of Population Health (Australia) suggests that it is the leading cause of disability worldwide. Employees in US lose their work days more due to growing back pain than due to any other illness or condition. More specifically, almost 1 in 10 people.

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Although the exact reason or reasons is not clear, much has to do with how people sit on the chair, what their daily chores are and also their occupation. Those who sit on the chair for longer hours can expect their back to ache. In other words, sitting is the new smoking.

1. Perfect Chair for Workaholics - Think Chair

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The THINK fabric chair from Steelcase is actually the real deal when it comes to choosing the best chair for working all day at work or your home office.

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This responsive and innovative chair comes with a guaranteed 300 pounds weight performance. The lumbar support is automatic. As you move on your chair throughout the day, lean back, lean forth and adjust yourself continuously, its brain learns what you need - then adjusts itself to give you comfort and give your back support. It has a very clean, sleek and thin streamlined design and compliments your body too.

Slider in Steelcase Think ChairCredit: Steelcast TV via YouTube

The lumbar support in the chair is easy to adjust based on the position of your back.

As you edge in and out from the chair, the chair flexes its seat edge. This not only relieves the pressure on the back of the legs, also provides extra support on the lower back.

Think Intelligent Chair (video)

2. Viva Office - Extra Padded Bonded Leather Chair

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For the 2014 Holidays, Viva Office is offering 53% discount on this exact model. This is over $180 in just discounts. Technically modeled as VIVA06051, this bonded leather computer chair is fit for desk office. Easily adjust the height and the intensity of lumbar support. Rated 5 stars and voted the best chair for the price.

  • Leather smells so great
  • Authentic strong Nylon base
  • Headrest cushion, back rest cushion
  • Waterfall design of the seat edge provides pain-free legs and ankles

3. Intex Recreational Lounge with Ottoman

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Whenever you like to come out from your room and chat with people, see the TV in the living room or just read a magazine, this lounge recliner with ottoman is the perfect set for dealing with back pain.

One of the best features is that it also comes with a coffee cup holder. It can hold coffee, tea, paper cups, water bottles and even a cup of popcorn - perfect for watching TV and movies. Everything is made of durable vinyl which is waterproof and stainproof too.

Intex Recreation Ultra Lounge with Ottoman
Amazon Price: $33.25 $23.99 Buy Now
(price as of Dec 23, 2014)
Use the ottoman to relax your feet. This position increases the flow of blood to and from the legs easily. Forget about stressing on the pressure points and pain areas because it is filled with air. Sitting back comfortably and supporting your back and feet on it in the leaning position is how you do it.

Money Saving Tip: You don't need to buy their air compressor/pump to inflate this couch. Your vacuum cleaner will do it.

Does smoking increase back pain? Yes!

It does. According to the back pain fact sheet[2] by National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (a component of NIH within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services), smoking promotes the pain and actually stops the healing of lower back.

If you are a smoker, try to reduce or quit completely because smoking stops the blood flow to the spines and deteriorates the spinal discs.

4. Acme Recliner

ACME 00626 Arcadia Recliner, Beige Microfiber
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(price as of Dec 23, 2014)
Take a nap, or sit back and watch a movie.
Acme Recliner That is Good for your back
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Exercising your core is very easy and effective for back pain

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Sitting all the time is not the way out, though. Whenever you can, you have to get up, walk, David Pasion, an MPT at Emory University Healthcare Physical Therapy says that the most important thing you can do to isolate and work the Transverse Abdominis is to do whatever exercise you can do to keep your gut contracting and relaxing.

This means, being active more often, doing crunches, lifting heavy weights and even bending down to clean your room etc. The more you do this, the more your muscles respond. This method used in conjunction with sitting on a very comfortable chair for your back will eventually reduce the chances of back pain and relieve you in time.clean your room and do your chores. According to the fitness experts and doctors, the Transversus Abdominis muscle is the one most important muscle responsible for core stability and back pain. If we know how to move it, exercise it and work it out by isolating it, it will lead to contraction and relaxation of other abdominal muscles as well. This will keep both your core and your back in check.

5. Dorel Splitback Futon for Living Room

Dorel Home Products Emily Splitback Futon, Vanilla
Amazon Price: $338.99 $179.00 Buy Now
(price as of Dec 23, 2014)
For pain-free backs during movie nights and get-together with your friends, have a couch or a sofa with good enough cushion. This Emily Splitback Futon from Dorel Home seems to be the clear winner. Not only is it available in two different colors, it is also a multi-position couch/sofa with a real feel of leather and durability.

Honestly, it is a perfect combination of art and ergonomics.
Dorel Home Products Emily Splitback Futon
Credit: Amazon