Be a better you

Challenging ourselves is one of the most important things that we can and should do to improve and advance in life. Not only do we improve individually, we also benefit those around us by providing value to their lives, and inspiring them to do the same.

Remember, growth starts with a decision to move beyond your present circumstances.

Have Good Habits

Habits can do two things. They can either MAKE or BREAK a person. If you have a habit of procrastination, then you will find it extremely hard to adjust in living your life as a more results-orientated person. Fret not, as you are still able to destroy all your bad habits by simply replacing them with new ones.

Think of the long term, which contains the end results of the things you want to achieve. This is at the very top of your goal. By breaking this down smaller, you get your short-term goals, which will progressively bring you, closer to your end goal.

Break the short-term goals some more, and you will get your daily goals. Every day you will move closer to your end result. This is where good habits come into the picture. Good habits are the ones that are responsible for determining whether you finish your work, or do something productive, or are actually moving closer to your goal.

Here are some good habits that should be cultivated:

Time Management

This is for valuing your own time so that you will be able to accomplish your daily tasks and have more time for yourself


The concept of believing in yourself will prove to be valuable to you. Every time you feel confident in your abilities, you will find that your goals are seemingly easier to reach.

Keeping an Open Mind

This means that you should embrace new approaches and methods to attain success in life. This encourages creativity and using constructive feedback from others to fuel your growth.

Constantly Educating Yourself

There are many sources for you to utilize to educate yourself about your specialized field. There’s Internet articles, ebooks, library, newspapers, joining a community, seminars, courses, etc.

There’s two types of knowledge: Practical and theoretical.

More practical knowledge is required for success, and you are able to learn through internships, apprentices, job experiences, business startups, etc. This isn’t to discreet theoretical knowledge, but rather use theoretical knowledge to complement the practical knowledge acquired.

Always Push Yourself

You should always strive to be the best version of yourself. Have genuine commitment for something and stick to it, use it as a chance to get better at your field.

Do things that will challenge you, such as contests or competitions, or start a side project on your own. Do your own research, create value for people, market your products, volunteer to help for a cause, construct your own portfolio, etc.