Human Resource Manager

Management itself is a challenging job. New problems and challenges develops due to the change in the business environment. The human resource manager has to face many challenges while managing the human resources in an organization.

Challenges Before The Present Day Human Resource Manager:

  • Challenges relating to recruitment, selection and development of manpower:

    The biggest challenge before the Human resource manager is related to recruitment, selection and development of manpower. For example, there are many job seekers but HR manager has to select the most suitable person anbd effectively train them.
  • Challenges relating to industrial relations:

    A human resource manager has to face many challenges in the area of industrial relations. Cordial industrial relations are difficult to maintain due to excessive demands of employees and lack of constructive approach. How to maintain cordial industrial relations over a long period is one important challenge before a HR manager.
  • Challenges relating to provision of welfare facilities:

    A human resource manager has to look after the provision of welfare facilities to employees. He has to provide safety and security at the workplace. This responsibility also poses problems from time to time.
  • Challenges relating to manpower management:

    A personnel manager has to look after certain functional activities such as promotions and transfers, administration of grievance procedure, exceution of labor legislations and so on. This work is complicated and leads to dissatisfaction among employees.
  • Challenges relating to research on personnel management:

    A HR manager has to undertake research activities in personnel problems, policies, procedures and practices. Such research is useful for framing personnel policies for the future period. How to conduct such research activities within the resources and manpower available in the personnel development is one challenge before a personnel manager.
  • Challenges relating to execution of personnel policies:

    Execution of various personnel policies is the responsibility of personnel manager. Such policies need to be fair and also acceptable to employees in general. In the absence of their support, new problems, disputed and grievances are likely to develop.
  • Challenges relating to trade union activities:

    The human resource manager has to manage the employees properly for the benefit of the organization. However, human behaviour is uncertain and employees may not appreciate the personnel policies under the influence of trade union leaders which are beneficial to them. This creates problems.

In short, a personnel manager will have to face new challenges of varied nature in the normal course. He has to be knowledgeable in management education.