Becoming a step parent is both exciting, confusing and frightening. Marrying that man of your dreams seems like such a simple decision, but when he brings children with him, it can be quite challenging. Balancing the priorities of spouse/parent/step-parent is very difficult, especially when the marriage is new.

Moving in together with someone new is always an opportunity for a new couple as you work together to familiarize yourself with behaviors, habits, etc. However, blending in children from two separate households makes the challenge even more critical as your work hard to accept so many different and new people, personalities and trends.

Child jealousy is always a concern in newly blended families and it is important to be sure that all members of the new family feel included and appreciated, respected. Discipline can be a touchy area as two different people with different parenting techniques struggle to keep peace and harmony not only within the family unit, but especially between one another.

Will love be enough?