Having a party? Why not host a scavenger hunt?

Do you need some ready-made outdoor scavenger hunt clues?  Any scavenger hunt is great, but if the clues don’t require much thought for the searcher they just aren’t as much fun.

I came up with these clues to use for outdoor scavenger hunts.  One of my readers requested some challenging clues involving teens and adults.  I hope you find them both challenging and entertaining.  You can use the clues to have scavenger hunts at warm weather birthday parties, reunions, holidays, or at any get-together.  A scavenger hunt is a great way to kick-off any party and have your guests talking together well after the prize has been found.

I like rhyming clues, but that’s just my preference.  It’s much easier to come up with clues when rhyming is not involved but here are a few ready-made clues that just might challenge your older kids, teens, or even your adult friends!

#31:  You come and go, using me without a care.  You notice if I’m slippery, or broke and need repair.  (PORCH STEPS)

#32:  I stand all alone and I never sit down.  At night I’ll show the way, coming home or going to town.  (LAMP POST)

#33:  I’m round and black and filled with air.  I’m needed to go places and usually bought in a pair.  (CAR TIRE)

#34:  I have a special job in a certain kind of weather.  I’m on your house outside.  But sometimes I cause other problems, like eroding dirt, I must confide.  (GUTTER DOWNSPOUT)

#35: I let people in and I let people out.  Don’t forget to close me so I don’t swing about.  (FENCE GATE)

#36:  I’m here to give comfort and relaxation in the shade or in the sun.  A place parents can watch from while the kids are having fun.  (BENCH)

#37:  We can be silent but none of our tones are the same when in motion.  We need something to make us move, but not magic or a potion.  (WIND CHIMES)

#38:  I hang around in the summer on the porch or by the door.  If you forget to give use TLC then we really look poor.  (HANGING PLANT)

#39:  In a park, inside a school, or in your own yard, we are cool.  We are soothing or refreshing or can enter a small pool.  (FOUNTAIN)

#40:  People don’t want to live here but I am a little house.  Too small for a person, but too big for a mouse.  (DOG HOUSE)

I tried to make challenging outdoor scavenger hunt clues using items people may have in their lawn or yard at home.  If you have any ideas for other hiding places for outdoor clues, feel free to leave a comment after this article and I’ll work on an article containing even more challenging clues.  I will also include any requested clues in my Scavenger Hunt book-in-progress!