Just in time for Christmas, Chamilia has just released thirty two new charms, many of which are Christmas themed or somehow related to Fall and Winter. They are not limited to only these two themes, however, and there are the regular miniature items for sale as well as a selection of Murano glass beads. While the majority of the charms are made from either Sterling silver or Murano glass, there are a couple of new all gold charms, as well as two silver charms with gold.

The new limited edition Holiday Charm is quite a charming bead that is shaped like a Christmas bauble. Made from sterling silver, the small deep blue stones set on both the front side and the back of the bead in a type of snowflake pattern give this particular charm a very unique appearance. It is limited, which most likely means that once stocks are sold it will not be reproduced again. Slightly more expensive than the other Sterling Silver beads, this particular one costs $39.

Naturally, there are more bauble shaped beads in this particular Christmas seasonal collection, most made from Sterling Silver. Two of the silver bauble beads are set with green enamel, one with a swirling design which is referred to as the Glitter Stripes Ornament, and one with a zigzag pattern which is simply labelled as the Holiday Ornament. One other special Chamila ornament bead is the Gold Fleur de Lis Ornament. What makes this unique is that while the bead itself is crafted from silver, there is a golden leaf design that twirls around the silver base.

Kris Kringle makes his appearance this year, on a Sterling silver bead that is set with red stones around his head, and a bright red stone on his nose. A very cute charm, that would make a fantastic Christmas cheer gift!

My favourite is the Murano glass Poinsettia Charm. This gorgeous charm depicts deep red flowers which are overlaid on a rich green backing, very reminiscent of the poinsettia flower itself. The vibrant Christmas colors on this charm make it a perfect addition if anyone is designing their own Christmas styled Chamilia charm bracelet this Christmas.

Another Christmas colored charm, the Holiday Wreath bead is a silver charm designed to look like a wreath. There are two different greens and red stones set on the bead, and again this would make a great addition to specially themed Christmas Chamilia charm bracelets.

There are only two gold Christmas charms, the Snowflake bead and the Gold Treasure bead. Two charms also feature gold, and they are the silver Gold Ribbon Gift charm with its gold ribbon tied around a silver present, and the Fleur de Lis Ornament charm.

Two other Christmas charms that made their way into the selection this year is the Saint Christopher charm and the Christmas carollers, both of which are made entirely from Sterling Silver.