Chamomile tea is the oldest tea in Egypt and is a member of the Sunflower family. It has been used for centuries to prevent or cure various ailments. The  ancient Egyptians used it as a healing drink to cure the sick and contribute to the overall health of its citizens. It comes from fresh flowers of the daisy plant and is grown in cultivated fields. It is a medicinal herb and has been used for centuries. This is a dried herb and is grown in Egypt. Sometimes, it is referred to as the "plant doctor" because it is believed that it produces herbs such as oregano and spearmint. It is grown all over the world and is considered a wonder cure. The name "chamomile" comes from the Greek, which means "ground apple." If you love apples, then you will probably love it. It is famous for its pleasant, fruity taste and smell. It contains bisabolol, which is an essential oil that has anti-microbial properties.

According to medical researchers, it may reduce your risk for colds and headaches. It can also reduce stress and anxiety. According to one study, it can be more relaxing than hot water! It can be used as an alternative to mouthwash and help eliminate tooth pain. Chamomile tea helps prevent fainting and has a calming influence on your body. If you suffer from insomnia, this wonder tea can help you sleep better. Some people affectionately refer to it as "sleepy tea" because it promotes restfulness and relaxation. Antioxidants which fight free radicals that cause cancer are present in it. According to another study, diabetics can benefit because it reduces blood sugar. Coffee drinkers can use it as an alternative and it contains less caffeine. Drinking it with milk helps to maximize its health benefits. It is naturally sweet, but some people like some extra flavor. Adding honey or cinnamon are great additives. It is popular in Egypt, Asia, Europe, and the United States.

Caution:Before taking any herbal tea, talk to your doctor or physician. Some herbal teas can cause unpleasant side effects. If you plan on driving, do not drink it. Drowsiness can result and impair your concentration. If you suffer from allergies, avoid it.  Pregnant women should not take it because it can affect the health of their unborn children. Drinking some after work can put you in a better frame of mind. It is one of the best teas in the world, so drink up and enjoy it.

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