Having a few players that score lots of goals will propel your Championship Manager 01/02 team up the league table. Of course, the strikers and forwards usually score the most goals; but midfield players can also score plenty in the AM positions. These are a few of the great goal scoring players in Championship Manager 01/02 that could score hundreds of goals for your club.


Who exactly is Tsigalko? Not a famous player by any means, but in Championship Manager 01/02 this is perhaps the most prolific goal scoring player. Tsigalko is a striker who plays for Dinamo Minsk, and when added to a top club team such as Barcelona, Milan or Bayern Munich can be a world star.

Tsigalko has a ratings of 20 for finishing, 16 for off ball and 17 ratings for pace and acceleration. In an average season expect Tsigalko to score at least 20 goals, and in a better seasons the striker can score more than a goal a game. With a 625 k transfer required this player is also a great bargain.


You might have heard of Ronaldinho. The Brazilian superstar starred for Barcelona and Brazil. In Championship Manager 01/02 the forward plays for Paris SG, and has a transfer requirement of 7.25 m.

If you can meet the transfer requirements, this is another player that will score loads of goals for your team. Ronaldinho has 20 ratings for flair, technique and set-pieces. In addition, the forward has ratings of 15 for finishing, long shots and off ball. As such, this forward scores lots of goals, and will probably be your team's top scoring player.


Another Barcelona star is that of Kluivert. The striker has ratings of 14 for finishing and long shots. Kluivert has explosive pace, and with ratings of 18 and 16 for jumping and heading should head home a few goals.

With a transfer requirement of 11.5 million you probably won't be able to add this player to your squad to begin with. However, when the player's contract expires you could add him to your squad. Then you'll have a prolific striker that might score 30-40 goals during a season.


Kiev's Makovski is a player played either in midfield or as a striker. Although striker is probably his best position. This player has ratings of 17 for finishing and off ball, and 18 for flair. In addition, the player's strength, stamina and pace ratings are all around 15 or 16.

A minimal transfer of 700k is required to add this player to your squad. Kiev will probably permit the player to join your club with a 1.1 m transfer. In a top team Makovski will score countless goals from the forward positions.


This is another player who scores lots of goals from various positions. Selakovic is played in the forward positions, the center of midfield or the right-wing. He plays for Halmstad, which is small club that will likely accept a 1 m transfer for the player.

This player has some great ratings. The highest of the player's ratings are creativity and stamina which are both at 17. In addition, the player also has ratings of 15 for finishing, team play, crossing and passing.

These players are played in variable positions up front or in midfield. Either way they'll score lots of goals for your team.