In addition to the Championship Manager 01/02 club teams, you can also manage a few national teams. Championship Manager 01/02 has more than 20 international teams that you can select from and win the FIFA World Cup with, or any other alternative regional championship such as Copa America or the UEFA European Championship. However, a lot of the club team options are not included for national teams.

To win a World Cup with a national side, you'll need to select a strong national team. Forget about Wales, Belgium, Australia, Northern Ireland, Finland and probably Scotland & Ireland as well. These teams might have a few great players, but generally do not have enough to select from to win the trophy.

As such, it's best to select a national team that has previously won the World Cup trophy, as they are the ones that have enough of the top class players required to win it. Brazil, England, Italy, Argentina, Germany, Spain and France have a good selection of players at their disposable. You could also include Holland as well, even though they have not won the trophy before. To have the best chance of winning a FIFA World Cup, or any other international trophy, select one of those national sides.

These national teams have a first team, u-21 side and could have a reserve team. The squads that they start with probably include most of your best players to select from for the 2002 FIFA World Cup. Make sure that you check the players that are in your u-21 side, as well as your reserve team, to see if there are any players there that could enhance your first team squad.

Of course, you should also search for new players to enhance your first team squad as well. Add plenty of potential players to your short list. You should filter out the player search so that it includes only the nationals that you can select. The player values are certainly worth noting, and you should also search for exciting players that are under 21. At the very least, fill up your u-21 squad with the maximum 26 players.

Your final first team squad for the international cup finals should include a good range of players to select from. You should have at least two players for each position in the team. For example, if your selected formation includes two forward positions bring at least four forwards or strikers to finals. You should bring at least two goalkeepers to the finals. Then these players can step in if replacements are required.

If your side qualifies from the World Cup group stages with a game to spare, rest players in the spare game. This will ensure that your team is fresh for the knock-out stages. Then it's also less likely that your first team will pick up any red or yellow cards, which could leave them out of further cup games.

You might have a few penalty shoot-outs in the knock-out games. If so, you should select your forwards and midfielders to take the five penalties. They usually score the most goals, and that includes penalties.

Save most of your subs for the second half of games. Halftime is the best period to bring on new players from the bench. If a player is on a yellow card, consider taking them off to ensure that they don't pick up a second yellow which would reduce your team to 10 for the rest of the game. If a player has a low match rating such as five consider replacing him with alternative players on the bench.

These are just a few tips for national sides that should ensure World Cup glory! Alternatively, you could also win any one of the continental cups such as European Championship.