Championship Manager 01/02 is the closest thing you may get to soccer team management! Few Championship Manager fanatics will doubt that player transfers is a big part of this game. You'll probably make at least a few player transfers each season, with players either coming into your squad or leaving it. Here are a few tips to note for transfers.

There are various ways that you can scout for footballers in Championship Manager 01/02. You should have at least one scout at your disposal. With them you can then scout for players in various leagues in Europe and beyond. They can provide a list of players in all positions for you to check out, and then add any potential transfer targets to your short list.

Always check the transfer listed players first when searching for a new addition to your squad. Players that are transfer listed are more likely to join your club than those that are not. You can be sure that their club will accept your bid so long as it matches the figures required.

Also look out for any out-of-contract footballers. The Bosman ruling will leave some footballers out of contract if they do not renew their club contracts. Then you can bypass the player's club and offer them a contract. If you can meet their contract requirements, then you can bring in some great out-of-contract players to your team. Economically, it is the best way to bring in players.

In much the same way your own players might be transferred if you do not check their contract dates at the beginning of the season. Also check that their contracts are still protected, as you can still lose players with unprotected contract loop holes. Other contract clauses are the minimum fee, and you should not include this in contracts when making a transfer.

If you are bidding for a footballer who is not listed, then you'll probably have to make more than one bid. Your bids may have to greatly eclipse the original figures for the player. Gradually increase your bids for non-listed players by fixed increments.

Take note of some of the other transfer options such as periodic monthly transfers that you can make over a number of months up to 24. This will then spread the transfer out over those months if the player's club accepts is, which is ideal for larger transfers. For example, if you make a 6m bid 1m of that transfer to the former club is covered in each month for six months.

Check out lower league team players. There are some excellent footballers that are playing for lower league sides, and smaller leagues in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. Undiscovered gems that could then depart your club for a much higher transfer than you originally made to bring them into you squad. For example, players such as Blackpool's Wellens and Halmstad's Selakovic.

At some point you'll probably have to transfer list a few of your players. Do this if you can expect a higher transfer for the footballer than the transfer you made. Clubs will also make more direct bids for your players even if they are not listed, and if they do make sure you negotiate the bids before accepting.

Whichever club you manage player transfers will be essential. For further tips the Championship Manager 01/02 website is one to note.