Find Ways to Add Some Exercise to Your Day

Fitting in Some Fitness is Easy

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To live a long and healthy life, it is vital to be physically active.  I struggle with starting a physical fitness routine and sticking with it; mostly because it feels like I'm adding in more activity into an already too-full schedule.  I've incorporated these movement add-ons into my life so that I'm multi-tasking--getting something done and making myself move at the same time.  The following are some simple ways to add fitness to any lifestyle.

* Do you watch TV? Whether you're watching your favorite reality show, the news or a sitcom, you can get up and move during opening and closing credits as well as commercial breaks.  I stand up and walk or jog in place.  Other movement options crunches, squats or arm work with free weights.

* I've seen this in idea in plenty of fitness articles and it's a simple yet powerful strategy.  Instead of parking as close to your destination as possible, try parking further away so that you can get some steps in.  On a day when you're running errands you could probably double your daily steps just with this strategy alone.

* Walk or bike to your destination whenever you can.  My work is just a ten minute walk from my home so I try to do this as much as possible.  Not only am I fitting in some movement on the way to and from work, but I'm also saving gas plus wear and tear on my car.  I suspect if as a nation, we all were able to walk to work then Americans in general would be fitter.  While I can't do this every day, I try to do so at least three times a week.

* While brushing your teeth, do squats or lunges. I've been doing this for a week already and I have toWalk for FitnessCredit: say I enjoy it.  For one thing, it helps me to brush my teeth longer if I commit myself to doing a certain number of squats or lunges (I like squats better than lunges actually).  For another, this kind of activity, where I'm bearing my own weight, is gentle enough so that it isn't jolting in the morning and it doesn't keep me awake at night.

* Do the exercise of your choice when you have a minute or two of free time.  Some of the moments in my day when I'm able to do this: waiting in line, talking on the phone, watching a movie, etc.  Some exercises I'm able to do in place: calf raises, squats, knee raises, etc.  Imagine if you are able to do this with ten minute of free time or twenty minutes.

* No matter where you are, find a way to walk more.  Getting in some extra steps doesn't require special gear or a particular ability.  It really just requires you to follow through when you see an opportunity to walk.

    You can get more physically fit by finding ways to add exercising into your normal daily routine.  Adding in fitness to your day is not as hard as you think and with these suggestions you can start today.