It was the common way of thinking that chandeliers were only for the rich, who put them above their long tables and foyers. Currently, the chandelier industry has made these pieces affordable for the average family, so they can enhance the look of their home and add class to their surroundings. A lot can be said about a person's disposition when you look at how their house is lit, and what they use to light it.

Taking one look around a modern home improvement store will tell you that lighting is becoming more like art every day, making the science of illumination a way to make your home even more beautiful. Chandeliers are elegant and bold, whether they take the form of icicle leaves or white flower pendants or some other beautiful design, and can impress your friends and neighbors with their awe-inspiring visual looks.

The type of chandelier you want will enhance the existing aesthetic without overtaking it. If your room is stark and minimalist, it may not be the best idea to get an overly elaborate or complicated chandelier. This type of chandelier is perfect for a decadent, large room that is ornately decorated.

If you get a smaller chandelier for that same space, it could get lost in all the decoration. The rule of thumb is that a chandelier needs to be a foot shorter than the width of the dining room table. Make sure that your chandelier is proportinate to the size of the room. Do a lot of measuring of the room and whatever chandelier you're thinking about, and do the math so you know if it will work.

Also, make sure that the chandelier gives the appropriate amount of light. Smaller chandeliers typically require sixty watt light bulbs for regular usage. if you have a larger chandelier with more pressing lighting concerns, get forty watt bulbs, so your light doesn't blind everyone. Dimmer switches are also great to have, so you can make sure the level of light coming in is to your liking.

If crystal chandeliers are too expensive for you, you could get a wrought iron chandelier, which looks just as classy. Iron chandeliers will be more durable compared to crystal, so the money you spend on a chandelier will stretch for the foreseeable future. If you want the classical look, crystal chandeliers are the way to go. While modern cultural memory insists that a chandelier's place is in the dining room, you have the freedom to place yours anywhere you think it will enhance the look of the room. All you need to worry about is its design compatibility.

Your chandelier can be priced anywhere from $99 to $2,500; pricing factors include the complexity of the construction and the material it was built from, so know what you want out of your chandelier. You can get a chandelier in any design style you want, from classic and sophisticated to modern and sleek. Bronze, gold, wood, silver, paint, ivory, and nickel are just some of the many different finishes you can have for your Chandelier. Pick whichever one will make your room look beautiful and wonderful to be in.