You might think that chandelier light fixtures are just for entryways. You may even see them as a juvenile accessory for a "pretty princess bedroom". You might think that your home just isn't grand or formal enough for such a piece. Chandeliers add drama and a touch of elegance to any room. They can also serve as a focal point and they work with all different kinds of design styles. Really, the only thing that you have to worry about is making sure that it's high enough that no one will hit their head. You can make a chandelier light fixture work in any room in your house if you know what is out there.

Take out a can of spray paint. You might already have the perfect lighting piece in your room; it's just masquerading as something in the "not so pretty" category at the moment. It might just be that you aren't thrilled about the dated brass finish. It can be difficult to replicate a true stainless steel look. You can often find spray paint that mimics oil rubbed bronze or even rust instead. For a modern room try painting the light fixture a bright white. You can always redo your existing lighting by taking off or adding crystals. Using the bare bones of the piece can save you hundreds of dollars and creates a custom look.

Turn to craft projects to get the exact look you want. Spray paint can transform your existing lighting and still work with lots of different design styles. For a little girl's room or nursery try spray painting it a wild hot pink or lime green. This will save you a lot of money because you are just paying for the cost of spray paint. You can easily replicate an iron look just by using black paint. Another popular chandelier craft project is the use of lamp shades. You can hot glue beads to the bottom of a shade for a little sparkle. For a country look add a variety of ribbons to the shades. You can also decoupage your favorite pattern on them or paint them. Just keep in mind that they need to work with the heat of a light bulb.

Art deco light fixtures can give your room the feel of a Hollywood hotel. Look for elaborate pieces featuring lots of crystals. The overall shape should be geometric and oversized. Frosted glass is also a common element in this design style. You can even take inspirations from photos of your favorite vintage hotels. These fixtures might remind you of delicate flowers or even a skyscraper.

When you think of modern or contemporary chandeliers it may seem like a contradiction. These design styles focus on clean lines and don't have a lot of fuss and frills. However, your room needs a lighting fixture in it anyways, why not make it fabulous? If you are on a budget try an oversized paper shade that looks like elaborate origami over your dining table. Another popular motif is the look of dozens of bare Edison style light bulbs hanging from the ceiling. If you want a crystal chandelier look for an oversized simple one. You might be able to find a rectangular fixture that features lots of stainless steel and runs the entire length of your table. Hang crystals from it to create a real showpiece. A modern chandelier should leave your guests wondering "How did they do that?" or "Where did they find that?"

You might not have the space or budget for a traditional piece. Instead, change the way it is used. Install chandelier sconces on either side of a fireplace to really create a focal point. These sconces also work on either side of a bed placed above a night stand. You may be able to change out your existing dated sconces for pieces that actually add value and style to the room. Instead of pendant lights over a kitchen island use mini chandeliers for a touch of elegance. If you are renting then get a lamp with a crystal shade to mimic the same look.

Arts and crafts chandeliers may be some of the most recognizable pieces of that design style. Look for a fixture with hanging lanterns that almost looks like it belongs outside. You could also get a traditional wrought iron chandelier to work in this design style. The metal colors should be some shade of copper, brown or black. You'll probably equate a lot of stained glass with this time period. Look for simple square patterns in rich neutrals like gold or cocoa. You might even want to find shades that use the same colors but different finishes on the glass for a subtle contrast.

You can use this style of lighting no matter the design direction you want to go in. If you want an elegant look then find an Italian Murano glass chandelier. These are very expensive and often feature intricate flowers and lots of lights. For a more casual beach theme then find a light made out of capiz shells.

Chandelier light fixtures don't have to be overly feminine or frilly. For a French Country kitchen find a rustic piece that has the obligatory rooster outline on it. For a truly rustic room you can even get one made out of deer antlers. You can find faux varieties made out of plastic for a sleeker more modern take on these traditional chandeliers. You might even find pieces that look exactly like a bunch of candles on a tray without the fire hazard. For these rustic pieces you can just leave the bulbs bare. If you really want a shade to create a softer light, stick with a plain faux leather one so it doesn't become too "cutesy".

Chandelier lighting fixtures add style to any room. They make it feel pulled together. You might view one of these light fixtures as something that only rich people have, but with a little ingenuity and savvy shopping you can get the same look in your home.