At home candle making will bring a practical product to your home while allowing you to express yourself through a creative outlet. With a few items and a little time, you will have produced a usable candles to enjoy. Making your own candles will give you the options to customize your craft with fragrance, color, and choice of wax.  

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In order to get started with learning the fine art of candle making, first gather the supplies from this list:

  • Heating source- you will definitely need to have a way to heat the wax without causing it to heat past its flash point, which is point that it could burst into flame. When wax reaches the temperatures between 290-380 degrees. Although there are kitchen kettles that are specifically designed for candle making, using the double boiler method is a viable option. You can use a double boiler that fits your kitchen pans. Otherwise, you can create your own version by using a metal pan that is smaller than your pot and capable of float along the surface of the water.
  • Thermometer- it is important to keep a kitchen thermometer on the wax at all times, to make certain the wax does not become combustible.
  • Wax- there are multiple waxes on the market that are suitable for chandlery. You have a choice between paraffin wax, soy wax, beeswax, or palm wax.
  • Dyes- if you are planning to dye your candles to be a specific color, you'll need to purchase oil based candle dye. Food coloring will not work in coloring wax, as it is water based.
  • Scent- choose an essential oil to add fragrance to your candles. Keep in mind the soy wax does not absorb as easily as other waxes, so consider adding additional fragrance drops to scent this type of wax potently.
  • Wick- you can purchase wicks that are already pre-tabbed or buy spools that can be cut to customized lengths.
  • Mold- metal candle molds will allow you to easily remove candles once they are dry.


Now, to begin the process of making candles, first place a wick inside of each of the molds. You can either tape the wick to the bottom of the metal holder, or use a small amount of melted wax to adhere it to the bottom. You will need to keep wicks standing upright while the wax hardens. Tie together at one end two thin dowel rods that are about four inches in length. Slip the candle wick through the open end of the dowels and set the rod across the top of the mold. Make sure the wick is completely centered in the mold. Pour the wax into the mold no higher than a ¼ inch from the top.

After you have wicks in place, start heating the water in your pan. For the double boiler method, place double boiler in or over water. Shave wax or break it into smaller pieces and place in the double boiler. Place a kitchen thermometer in the wax to keep track of temperature levels. If the wax nears 200, you will need to back the heat off. Most waxes can be heated at lower temperatures than that. Allow wax to fully melt before adding coloring and fragrance. Once wax is fully melted, pour into the molds not more than a â…› inch from the top.

The process of making candles at home is simple, yet practical. Learning how to make candles can be rewarding experience and provide you a way to make a special gift to give to those you love, or add elegance to your home.

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