The Approach to Eating Right

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The first thing to do when you want to change your approach to food is to start thinking differently. Rather than thinking about the fact that you miss junk food and how much you would love to have those French fries instead of baked sweet potato wedges, you should think about how the sweet potatoes taste good because they are sweet potatoes and not the fact that they aren't French fries! Enjoy the food you eat instead of wishing it was something else. Sometimes it can be helpful to think about the harm that junk foods have done to your body, but try to be positive and focus on the benefits of the foods that you ARE eating. 

One of the ways that people are using to help them adjust their mindset on eating healthy is the use of audio. There are many methods, including guided meditations, self-hypnosis and even subliminal messages. They have many different uses and can help you get the results you're looking for. The way they work is by re-training your brain to think that healthy foods are good for you and that you don't need junk food. While this may not be enough to completely defeat any negative attitude you have towards eating better, it's still a good start. The best part is that there are many of these available that are free or very inexpensive.

Meditation is another great method that you could take into consideration when you're trying to change your mindset. Often times people eat junk food because they're looking for some sort of emotional release or the ability to feel good about themselves. If you can't get to the root of your problem using meditation, you may want to consider talking with a nutitionist as they may be able to help you re-focus on the hows and whys of changing your diet and eating habits.

Try New Foods and Recipes

Healthy Eating Spices

Another thing you can do when you're trying to change the way you think about eating healthy is to find some new recipes. Many times you can find a healthier alternative to your favorite recipes, such as lasagna or mashed potatoes. This can help you to enjoy the same foods, yet with the healthy twist that you want. 

You can also try new foods you've never had before. A fun thing to do with friends is to have tasting parties. Try new foods and recipes and by sharing with your friends, you can reduce the possibility that you'll have spent time and money on something you may not have liked. Chances are, someone in your group will like the new food item or recipe, so there will be little or no waste. And when you do find new things that you like, it will have been worth taking the time to try. Remember that old saying, "Try it, you'll like it?"

Any good diet out there allows you a cheat day. While it is true that the more you cheat, the longer it will take you to reach your goals, it can actually be quite beneficial. This doesn't mean you should take the opportunity to eat all the foods you have been missing! Rather, you should use this cheat day as something that'll help to keep you motivated and on track with your mission of eating healthy. Just remind yourself while you're eating the food that is not on your diet that it's just a treat and it's not as good for you as the other foods that you eat. Over time as you stick to your diet, you'll find that these foods make you feel sluggish and bloated and you may find that you'll want them less and eat less of them.

Also keep in mind that the longer you stay on your healthy eating diet, the easier it will become. There are many reasons for this. For one, as your body gets the proper nutrients that it needs, you'll have the energy you want and even be in a better mood. If you feel better, you'll make better food choices to perpetuate that feeling.

Feel Stronger

Build Strength

Eating healthy will also help you in your weight loss or strength building goals. As you reach your targeted goals, you'll feel more self confident and this will also motivate you to stay with your diet and new healthy eating mindset. Keep in mind that the more you eat these foods, the easier it will become. In the same way, the more you drink water instead of sodas or other beverages that are not good for you, the easier it will become.

Always remember that every hill you climb has two sides. It may be hard to get up the hill to change the way you think about eating right. But once you reach that certain spot, it'll be much easier for you. There is no way to tell where the top of the hill is for you, as every person is different. Just stick with it every day and you will get the results you want- whether that's to lose weight, have more energy, build strength, or just do something better for your overall health.