I am not a history buff but I do realize that our society now has quite a bit of luxuries that simply did not exist 100 years ago. With the advent of The Digital Age, we have easy access to a sea of information from the comfort of our home. Yet, with all this data, many of us cannot use it or, simply, choose not to use it. I know that I, myself, still find it difficult to change. Certainly, starting a fight club has dangerous implications and is literally not the thing to do. What I am implying to is that you do so on a figurative sense by applying the following key items - key items that was discussed in the movie Fight Club.

Pick Your Fights Wisely

Without a doubt, inflicting pain is not a nice thing to do. On a figurative sense, you can question your thoughts and methods. You can always ask yourself if what you are doing is the right thing to do. You can compare your actions with the actions of positive role models with whom you are familiar. I suppose if you are going to pick a fight someone do so with yourself only, not with anyone else. At least, the only person getting a knuckle-sandwich would be you and you alone.

Make A Difference

True achievement of this particular goal would be to induce a positive life-changing event into your existence or that of another person. If you are going to make a difference, do so within your particular circles of influence. Having the ability to make such an impact, however, will consume extreme amounts of your time and energy. I recommend that if you shoot for one truly impactful act of kindness that you limit yourself to only one per day. Surely, if your level of mastery with making a difference is above that of the normal person, you can always find ways to grow your efforts exponentially but that's a topic for another article.

Don't Take Life For Granted

Do not wait for a gun to be pointed to your face to realize just how lucky you are to be alive. While I would not wish that on anyone, you can certainly take your current life and imagine what it would be like to be in someone else's shoes. Sure, it's just hypothetical or otherwise known as a simulation but it does put a different perspective on things if you were to think it through. While practically anyone can immediately deal with things getting better, we probably wouldn't know the first thing to do when things hit the fan. Take a deep breath of air and share a smile - don't take anything for granted.

Life is fragile. We all look for things to hold on to as the basis of our foundation. Unfortunately, life is random and spontaneous, what was once there may no longer be. We live in a society where it would be ideal to look after one another but we most certainly must look out for ourselves first. What do you do when your life is all screwed up? Get out there and make a change - make that change for the better! You may just happen to find yourself in the process.