I understand... you don’t have enough time. You are in a rush. You have a deadline. You already have your health on the list for next year’s resolutions. Start to Change your life with the easiest choices first.

You can either feed the cycle of health or you can feed the cycle of decay. A huge component of aging and ill health is “diet and disuse”. True, there are countless factors that you have no control over about life, about your health. You might tend to think about everything that is wrong when you want to change your life. You can’t change it all at once. Make that fact of life a reason to think just for a moment about some super easy options to that can have an impact on your health and wellness. If your health seems like it is too big of an issue to think about, do the easy stuff anyway. Even if it gives you an excuse to rationalize the bad habits you have had for years, do the easy stuff anyways. You would have those bad habits if you did nothing, too. If you feel as though you cannot focus on your health and you keep putting it off or you keep telling yourself stories about how tomorrow will be a much better time to start that new program, hold on a minute. Doing some of this super easy stuff is far better than nothing. Afterwards, you may even notice that those little habits you built make building bigger habits like jogging or eating enough veggies easier, too.

There are so many things you can do at home or even in the office.

  • Breathing exercises: I have been deep breathing pretty much subconsciously for 15 years. This is a good stress reducer if used regularly that is the easiest habit of all to employ
  • Research: got a few minutes? Be curious and harness your back seat procrastinator an surf your way to learning something health and wellness related.
  • Stretches: There’s nothing wrong with doing some of these from a cubicle, even.
  • Pushups, situps squats, shadow boxing: they cost nothing to do, take almost no time.
  • Meditation: You can sit there right? You don’t have to be an expert, maybe surf about this one.
  • Drink more water: It baffles me how few people drink enough water. Change today, right now.
  • Vitamins at work/ supplements or powder for a shake: instead of that third coffee, pull out a to-go container of high-protein energy or smoothie mix, grab a mug, and add water.

There are other activities you could add this this 7-bullet list (and I use the term activities loosely), but I wanted to limit this article to only those activities that could be completed in between ONE second and 5 minutes (how long does a gulp of water take?). This is the low hanging fruit. When you are faced with an alternative that is doing nothing constructive at all because you are too busy or refuse to think about it, do something now.  It is just that easy to change your life, or at least take some precious baby steps when all you have been doing is sitting there drooling. You may find that taking a few steps makes you want to go for a run.