Switching Utility Suppliers Is Easier Than You Might Think

electricity meter imageCredit: www.amazon.comWhilst on a bit of an economy drive recently, I decided to look at how much I was paying for my utilities – my phone, electricity, gas and internet services. I don’t mind admitting that this wasn’t the first thing on the list in my economy drive. To be perfectly honest, I had expected that it would be a complicated process to change my supplier.

However, I did a little research on the internet and found that it was possible for me to save quite a bit of money. I wound up with one of the smaller UK utility suppliers – a company called the Utility Warehouse – and the big advantage (in my opinion) was the fact that I was able to put my electricity, gas, telephone and internet services all on the same bill.

A single bill for all of my main utilities was something that I find very appealing. I’m quite happy to admit that I am probably not the most organised person in the world. Having one bill to pay (and to remember to pay) each month is a bit of a god-send for me.

The other nice thing about this was the fact that I got a “multi-service” discount for putting 4 services onto one account. There are a lot of suppliers that offer “dual fuel” discounts for taking both electricity and gas. Obviously putting 4 services on to one account gets you an even better discount.

To cut a long story short, the savings on offer were just too tempting to pass up. I gritted my teeth and signed up online and got ready for all of the hassle that was sure to follow, telling myself that it would all be worth it when I started to get my reduced bills.

However, the process couldn’t have been any easier. After the sign up, everything was handled automatically and remotely. No engineers had to visit my house and the worst thing that happened was that I had to take some meter readings to allow my previous supplier to send me a final bill and my new supplier to start providing the new services.

In truth, had I known just how easy it was going to be, changing utility suppliers would have been one of the first things on my list rather than one of the last. It certainly represented one of the biggest saves achieved on my economy drive and I would recommend anyone who wants to save some money to have a look at changing their utility suppliers.

It’s a lot easier to do than you probably imagine that it will be (it was certainly a great deal easier than I had imagined) and the money saving potential is high – especially if you have been with the same supplier for quite some time. The hardest bit is getting all of your current bills together so that you can get an accurate comparison when you’re doing your research online.

On the subject of research, do make sure that you check out any “dual fuel” and “multi-service” discounts available. It’s also worth making sure that you opt for electronic billing by e-mail rather than having a paper copy sent out to you in the post. The method of payment selected can often attract further discounts – monthly direct debit is often best.

In short, check out all of the possibilities. You could save a lot of money for very little effort or inconvenience on your part.

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