I think we all have come across a leaky sink tap and wondered why is this tap leaking, and think to ourselves that only a professional will be able to fix the problem. Well my friend that is not the case , anyone can change a kitchen sink tap there’s nothing to it the only items you will require for this job is a basin wrench and some plumbers putty and the new sink tap you intend to use use to change the old one. This article will touch on how you can change a kitchen sink tap with little or no fuss. OK the first thing you will need to do is find out where the main water supply is, this can be either found underneath the sink itself or it maybe found outside by the main road. Once you find the main water supply make sure to turn off both the cold and hot water when you have done this than you can begin to go to work.

You will see retaining nuts which hold the sink in place, you will need to remove the retaining nuts using a basin wrench. You will also be required to remove the nuts which hold the faucet and handles as well using the basin wrench. The basin wrench can also be used to remove the water pipes as well, have a bucket handy when removing the water pipes as when you release the pipes there is still some water inside so simply empty this into your bucket. Once you have released the pipes than you can easily lift out the old tap from it's sockets or foundation and proceed to ad plumbers putty around the edge. Once you are satisfied that you have covered the edge with plumbers putty then gently press down the new gasket into the putty, the gasket will come with your new tap.

Then simply place you new tap over the gasket and secure, you would have received a few extra tools with your new tap in the package use these tools to secure and tighten your new sink tap as they will be the right fit. Once you have done that then you can proceed to place the water pipes back on using your basin wrench make sure that your Kitchen Sinks Taps  are secure  and tight. It maybe a good idea to draw a rough diagram of how things are put back and in which order if you feel you may need this as a guide should you forget .