Change of Surname After Divorce: Does it Matter?

Falling in love is a beautiful thing. You are almost constantly high just by thinking about your loved one. The same thing can happen when love fails to hold a relationship together. You can easily go from feeling high to feeling depressed. Love never leaves you indifferent. It is strange that the process of getting married and living together isn't as painful as going through a divorce. It doesn't even matter if the divorce is consensual. Being together and starting a family does take a lot of emotional energy. That is why it can be draining when you have to go back to the state of hopelessness. Even if you feel you are getting away from a bad marriage, you can still feel sad because it is a failure. Some people actually get depressed after their divorce and swear never to fall in love again. Another thing that you will have to deal with is whether you have to change your surname after divorce. Most people will think that is a quick decision but at times it can be complicated. If you take the examples of famous celebrities like Ivana Trump, she did not change her surname after divorce. That is because there were financial implications involved.

The same thing happened to Cheryl Cole. Before she got married she was called Cheryl Tweedy. It does sound much better being called Cole instead of Tweedy. Celebrities often get married and keep their surname even after divorce because it is part of the image that they need to make a living.

Another us famous celebrity who did not change her surname after divorce is Tina Turner. Her former husband even tried to get her to lose the name but she took him to court and won.

Mere mortals who get divorce don't have to go through such hassle. Nevertheless, there are many reasons why a woman might want to change her surname after divorce. For example, you don't like your husband's name but you adopted it out of love. Once you no longer have the bond that brought you together you might reason that it is not worth keeping. There are other women who keep their surname for the sake of their children. This is a personal decision and every person involved needs to analyze what's best.

At times, you might want to keep your surname after a divorce because you have a joint business with your former husband. Keeping the same name will likely make administration and other issues easier. On the other hand, there are those who feel that being called by the name of their ex-spouse is a constant reminder of their failure. This of course will obviously make them want to change their surname.

Changing your surname after divorce is not as difficult as you might think. You can easily go to your town hall or to the county clerk’s office. If they're not too busy, they can sort it out for you the same day. It will of course take a while going back to using your maiden name but like everything, you'll get used to it until you fall in love again and have to adopt a different surname.