Benjamin F Fairless feels that the recipe for achieving success is in choosing a career that you like, always excelling in it, being ever eager to grab your opportunities and lastly always being a member of the team.

So sit back and examine whether you are satisfied with your career. If the answer is yes look for the reasons that give you this satisfaction. And if the answer is no, look for the things that are causing you to be dissatisfied. Do you need to take some steps that can enhance your professional development and thus point your career in the direction you would like it to go? Does your organization have the right avenues that can allow you to be content with the job you are doing?

Sit back and reflect on these aspects and see if you can clearly assess the way your career is moving and how you can improve it. There may be a time when you feel that you need to change your work atmosphere or move to a completely different field and there are certain steps that you would have to take to achieve either of these objectives.

Be clear about what you want

Are you looking for that elusive promotion, a higher salary, or just more responsibility in a different slot within the same company? Or is it that you are just envisaging a total break from your present career and would like to work in a different field? Sometimes it may be something as simple as just wanting to get on better with all the people you work with. Whatever it is, you need to be clear about your needs and be able to pen down your thoughts and aspirations.

While you are at it, consider what you are looking forward to in your life. Is your life complete and having the satisfaction that you want from it? Do the values you hold dear reflect in your life? Be clear as to what it is in life that gets you the most happiness in life and the joy of being alive.

Be sure where you want to go

Now that you have introspected and have a fair idea of where you want to be, you have to translate these thoughts to setting up targets for yourself. Suppose you have decided that you need to be more adept in the place where you work, decide the areas where you need to improve yourself. It could be ability to communicate, ability to lead, or the ability to build a team. Suppose you decide it is your ability to communicate that needs improvement decide whether it is in the oral communication that you are deficient or in the written one? Suppose you think your oral communication skills need improvement join an organization like the toastmasters where extempore speaking is stressed. Also volunteer to speak in the next meeting of your work group. Always speak when you are in a large group and stand up to take on projects that involve speaking. Attach yourself to the person whom you consider a good speaker and ask him or her to help you.

Set yourself a time frame

Set yourself a realistic target of when you hope to achieve the improvement that you are looking for. Some may require a little more time than others but choose dates that are realistic and take into consideration all aspects of your life.

Get help

Always let the people around you know of the targets and aims you have set for yourself and see that they always encourage and help you towards these goals.

See that the atmosphere around you is one that will help you to achieve what you want. This can be a physical or emotional one.

The feeling in the environment you have chosen must encourage you to move forward to the goal you have set for yourself,

Congratulate yourself

When you do achieve part of the targets you have set for yourself make it a point to celebrate this success. This should give you the encouragement to go further.

So take these steps above and see whether it has made any improvement to your life. If you have had the correct perspective and taken the right steps, there is no doubt that you are nearer to the success you want from life.