Pregnancy is different for every woman. A lot of major hormonal changes occur, but the symptoms you will experience during pregnancy depend greatly on your own metabolism as well as on your diet and exercise routines. The following is a list, arranged by trimester, of all the changes that your body undergoes during those infamous nine months. However, do remember that not all women experience all of these symptoms during one pregnancy. And the degrees to which they are experienced also vary.

The First Trimester (Weeks 1 - 13)
The first trimester of your pregnancy is when the hormonal changes will start affecting your body. Your figure might not change too much during these first 13 weeks, but you will definitely feel different. Some women report feeling things like morning sickness and exhaustion even before they know they're pregnant, while others don't get some of these symptoms at all. The physiological changes that occur in your first trimester are:
- Breast swelling and soreness
- Weight gain
- Morning sickness
- Exhaustion
- Constipation
- Headaches
- Urinating with increased frequency
- Cravings for unusually food
- Increased mood swings

The Second Trimester (Week 13 - 26)
After those first 13 weeks, your body will actually start to "look" pregnant. Your belly will swell as the baby grows bigger and it might be harder to move around. With your belly growing, be sure to visit the best store for maternity shirts.Trouble sleeping is not uncommon. And while fatigue and morning sickness usually lessens in your second trimester, your will definitely feel more physically uncomfortable. The physiological changes that occur in your second trimester include:
- A dark line from your belly button to your pubic area (linea nigra)
- Slight swelling of feet, fingers and face
- Stretch marks
- Body aches (esp. back and abdomen)
- Dry skin along said stretch marks

The Third Trimester - (Weeks 26 through 40)
The last stage of pregnancy is usually the toughest one. Some of the symptoms of the second trimester carry over into the third, and there will be a few new ones, including:
- Pre-milk, also called colostrums, leaking from your nipples
- Heartburn
- Shortness of breath
- Painful contractions, which may signal the beginning of labor or may not.