Innovations in technology have resulted to a lot of changes in different industries. One of those affected by these changes was the trends in promoting or improving business. These days in order for a product to be known internationally, one of the easy and convenient ways was to use the internet. An element that could be used to do promotions is by utilizing the Search Engine Results Page or SERP’s. Google is one or the leading engines used these days. According to the website, Google rules as the top engine holding the 79.71% global market share.

This process is termed as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and it improves the online visibility of a product or service through making the website rank on the first pages of the SERP’s. To put this simply, if a site or product is placed on the top of the list, it is likely that people would click on that site and learn all about what it offers. In addition, since the internet could be accessed all over the world, the business has the advantage of being known globally. However, there are also certain predicaments, which should be prevented once something becomes renowned. One of this is gaining bad publicity through negative comments or degrading remarks. The internet is both a good and bad ally. That is why Online Reputation Management or ORM was created. It should work hand in hand with SEO to ensure that the credibility of the product or service is preserved. Not only that, ORM has found its way to protect people’s identity as well as for organizations or an entity. Companies would need the help of a qualified and highly reliable Reputation Management Specialist to do this properly. Unlike SEO, ORM focuses on social networking or media where a lot of people are likely to place their comments.

There they would counter the negative opinions of people towards the client. Some of the more evasive yet effective way of doing ORM is through lowering the visibility of these defamatory sites in the SERP’s. Further, such remarks could be a tactic of a competitor. A rival company might deceive probable customers through posing as fellow buyers who became deeply unsatisfied with what was offered to them. Fortunately, an Online Reputation Management Specialist would counter this through acting as a customer as well and promoting the product through a positive opposition of the negative remark. Credibility is built through years of hard work, but is can surely be destroyed by mere hours of being criticized in the internet. Businesses nonetheless can evade that possibility through employing handy people. Through their assistance, the World Wide Web shall be a formidable ally in building positive reputation.