A new baby brings joy into the house, and lots of opportunities to change diapers. You will be changing diapers for the next two or three years for that bundle of joy. It makes choosing the right changing table seem not so trivial.

One of the styles of furniture for changing diapers combines a changing station and a dresser. The section above a set of dresser drawers is used as a changing station. This is where the changing pad is placed. On one side of a dresser is a tower. The tower typically includes a drawer for diapers and supplies and a small wardrobe with a clothes bar for storing all of those cute, frilly outfits. When changing diapers is no longer necessary, the changing pad can be removed and the changing station area can be used as a dresser top.

The appeal to this type of combination furniture is that the furniture grows with your child, transforming from a changing station to a dresser. It also provides more storage room than a traditional dresser. The drawback is that this combination changing station is more expensive than a traditional changing table. Also, even with the changing pad removed, and it is converted into a dresser, it still looks like a changing table.

A traditional changing table looks like a table with two large shelves underneath. These are less expensive than the dresser style and come in a variety of styles. Make sure that you choose a style that has side railings. This will help protect your baby from accidentally rolling off the table. Some changing tables have unique storage compartments underneath such as wicker storage baskets, cloth drawers or simple shelves. Whichever style of changing table you choose, you will be sure to have easy and convenient storage right at your fingertips.

A safety strap is another important piece of equipment that comes with the either the changing pad or changing table. This safety strap buckles around your child's waist in order to secure them to the table. This will help prevent accidental roll offs. But even with this safety device, you will need to have one hand on your child at all times so that you know they are secure against rolling or falling off the table.

Changing stations and tables come in a variety of styles and finishes. You can buy your changing table as part of a nursery set, or you can probably find one to match the existing decor of your child's room.