The true meaning of constipation, is having a bowel movement, less than three times a week.  The most important aspect of eating to ease constipation, is to slowly increase your intake of dietary fiber.  Also drinking plenty of water and general exercise are encouraged in peploe with constipation. 

Following is a list of Healing Foods and a list of Foods to Avoid, try to incorporate these new foods into yours diet, and you should see major improvements in just a couple of days or sooner.

Healing Foods are:-

Brussel Sprouts, Brocolli, Cantaloupe, Cauliflower, Celery, Cherries, Figs, Peaches, Raspberries (Red), Raisins, Prunes, Spinach all are very useful to reduce constipation.  You can eat these foods, raw or cooked, or make a nice juice.

High fiber breakfast cereals (look for at least 8 grams of fiber per serving). Whole grain breads, Brown rice, Barley, Millet are all high in fiber and should be added to the diet.

Strawberries and licorice have a mild laxative effect.

Ground Flaxseed - are the tiny, golden seeds from the flax plant. There is research to support that incorporating ground flaxseed into your diet can ease constipation, bloating and abdominal cramping.

Fennel - Has a calming effect on digestion, stimulates gastric secretions and reduces intestinal cramps.  It also reduces intestinal gas, flatulence and bloating.

Apple fibre and pectin soothes the intestines and reduces constipation.

Bannana Juice is a regulator of constipation.

Useful Supplements are :- Ground Flaxseed.

Foods to Avoid:-

Dont eat foods that have little or no fiber, Fiber is found in whole-grain products, fruits, and vegetables.

Also, eating a high-fat diet can contribute to constipation,  like ice cream, cheese, meat, and processed foods. Even milk can be binding.

Wheat - contains opioids (like those found in opium) that actually cause paralysis of your gut, which slows the bowel.

I am hoping that these lists, can help you decide what to eat, to relieve your constipation as fast as possible.