Do you tend to overreact to unexpected events or worry a lot about your own future?  Sometimes you can reduce your level of stress by slightly changing the way you think about the stressors that are constantly around you.  One simple way of changing your thinking is by replacing the negative thoughts with positive thoughts in order to change your mentality.  You can also utilize humor sparsely in some stressful situations but remember not to do it too much.

Avoid Negative Thinking - When was the most recent time that you were stuck in a very stressful and confusing situation?  What thoughts were going through your mind during all of this turmoil?  Were you often or regularly thinking negative thoughts similar to phrases like "I'll never be able to do this," or "everyone will think I'm stupid"?  For many people, negative thoughts like these usually  accompany very stressful situations.  Of course, such negative thinking only increases a person's stress level.  With negative messages running through the person's mind, it becomes almost impossible for them to succeed.

How can you stop yourself from thinking negative thoughts when you are under enormous stress?  One way is to monitor your internal conversations closely and substitute positive or realistic thoughts for negative thoughts.  For example, instead of thinking negative thoughts such as "I'll never be able to do this", you might want to think more positively in order to succeed, like "I've done things like this before".  Another way to eliminate negative thinking is to act like a leader while you think about an upcoming stressful event.  As you do a mental rehearsal of the upcoming event, give yourself  positive images and encouragements to do well such as "You can do it".  This will have a great positive impact on your morale and give you a hefty boost to your self-confidence, which will help you enormously during the actual event.

Humor - Finding humor in a stressful situation can be an extremely effective way to deal with your stress.  Have you ever laughed at yourself after doing something that was not really funny at all, such as slipping on the floor, dropping your books in the middle of the hall, or saying something embarrassing in front of a group of people or friends?  If you recognize this experience, you probably realized that your laughter helped you relieve you of your feelings of stress and embarrassment.

If you use humor very carefully, it can be an effective tool for managing stress, as well as a chance for you to improve on your charisma.  Humor allows you to deal quickly with a stressor and also helps keep it in the proper perspective.  But don't use humor to cover up your true feelings.  Also avoid laughing at serious situations because people will think you are cold-hearted and not caring towards others.  Remember that making fun of yourself is different than making fun of other people's problems because you can hurt their feelings and ruin their day so be careful when using humor to manage stress, and remember to use it only in appropriate circumstances.