I don’t consider myself a cheap person as I will pay for quality, but when I got my last TV cable bill in the mail, I had finally had enough.  I decided to get a Channel Master Antenna Installed on my roof.

I don’t quite know when or how it happened, but slowly over the months my cable bill would climb.  They had you pick packages that were supposed to save you money but in fact I found it to be a carefully orchestrated way to make more money.

I had a handful of channels that I enjoyed on television and in order to get them I had to pick packages that would include stations I had ZERO interest in.  For example, if I wanted the nature channel I had to pay an extra 4 dollars a month for it as it was not in the base package and also take the non-descript stations that came with it, some in foreign languages!

Made Packages Very Expensive

I noticed very quickly that they did not put the most common stations together in one package, they were spread out amongst other ones so that you would have to add a few of these “4 dollars/month” packages to your ever growing list.

It got to the point that you were constantly scrolling down the menu time after time and then would declare “there is nothing on”

Last month was the last straw when it tipped the hundred dollar mark, and this is not even including my internet (which is through my phone company).  The base local channels were costing me 68.00 dollars per month plus a few extras charges such as the HD cable box, and taxes and it tipped 100 dollars.   If you wanted to watch one of their movies it was a minimum of 7.99. 

Channel Master Antenna InstallCredit: diane palmer

Digital Antenna - I Get Loads of Stations Clearly

My hubby was fed up too, and we headed to the local small electronic store to see what options we had.  I did not like the idea of an antenna as I remember the one at my house growing up, it was so big and ugly, birds would build nests on it!  We still wanted TV but did not want to be held ransom.

Things have changed and although not the prettiest things in the world they are much smaller and take up less space as they are installed vertically.  You can put them in your attic or in our case we attached it to the side of the chimney for the best signal.

Since we are not big on heights we hired a local contractor to install this for us.  He was telling us that he can’t keep up with the new orders.  At 72 years of age, he had pretty much given up on antenna installs until the last 3 years when there was a sudden outcry for them.

We chose the Channel Master package since talking to other customers they found it to be a robust and reliable system as we can get some nasty weather here.

We went ahead and after the install and a few curious neighbours wondering if it was a ham radio setup or maybe we were secretly spies, they started asking questions too and wanted to see the quality picture.

He ran the wires into the house and now instead of that big old fat rotor from years ago that was needed to turn the antenna on the rooftop at a very slow pace, this digital reader works it quickly and quietly.

Channel Master AntennaCredit: Amazon.com
Channel Master CM 4228 8-bay HDTV/UHF Antenna CM4228HD
Amazon Price: $113.99 $95.00 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 6, 2013)
once installed you will be watching TV with free signals. Don't let the cable companies tell you there are no signals like they told me.

Cancelled Cable TV - They Actually Told Me There are no Signals Without Cable!!

The best part of all of this for us, is that once he set it up on our TV and pointed it in a certain direction, it got all the stations I was looking for and the picture was so clear and crisp, I was truly amazed.  I will never need to make the Arial turn at all for the stations I like to watch.

I have to admit I was sold right away.  I phoned up my cable company to cancel, and out of nowhere they started offering better deals.  Where were they when I was complaining about their high prices before?  They were actually willing to drop the bill in half for 2 years.  But I already had unhooked their cable.  I simply needed a location from them to drop off the cable box.  When I dropped it off the customer service guy thought we needed another one, and I said “no we have simply kicked the cable habit”.  He blinked with stunned amazement.

He actually said "there is no TV signals without Cable, you will not get a thing" which is VERY UNTRUE!  I get 25 clear and crisp channels pointed in one direction, if I change directions I will get a even more.  I have the control. 

After having to talk to 3 customer service people telling me how horrible my life will be without cable TV, they agreed to cancel it.  I now can watch the very shows for free that I was paying big bucks for.

You can get these antenna’s for under 200 dollars, and you can install them yourself if you like the roof, but we paid separately for an installer.  It is the best decision we made for keeping our monthly bills down.  The payback is quick.


The only problem you will have with a digital antenna is that you don’t get cable only channels obviously.  We have a station I used to watch now and then called HGTV (home and garden television) so I checked online and I can pick it up on my laptop.

We Treated Ourselves to NetFlix

Now that we got rid of the high cable bill we treated ourselves to 7.99/month Netflix for unlimited movies using the internet and I discovered that many of the cable channel programs such as the HGTV that I liked are shown as TV shows on Netflix, so I still get to watch them on my TV.

Things are just getting too expensive, and I find that many of these companies “nickel and dime” you to death.  If they had offered my 5 stations that I really like in one package I probably would still be with them, but to watch my 5 stations I had to buy 5 different packages which really frosted me on top of the base amount. 

So for anyone out there who feels hostage to cable TV with big bills and you own your own place, then I highly recommend the Channel Master Antenna.  They are small and very effective and after the purchase and install you get your signals for free.