High-end is the word that most certainly defines Chantecaille cosmetics; this is actually reflected by their very high prices.

Most products are over $200, so they are not for the average consumers. One of their most recognizable products is the Nano Gold Energizing Cream which is formulated with 24-karat gold and some silk fibers.

Gold and silk may hint that this product is pretty pricey. Actually, a small jar of it comes with a nice tag of $420.

Another product which claims to be "the ultimate anti-oxidant face and eye serum" sticks out. It promises to work perfectly on uneven complexions, age spots, and parts of the face that have been over exposed to the sun.

Apparently, just like all other products from this line, it is quite expensive. What makes Chantecaille cosmetics nice to buy (especially for people who have tones of money to spend) is that they are easy to find in high-end stores.

Aside from that, it can be perfect for people who are into spending for a cause because the company sells products that donate to charities. But while there are these things about the product line that make it look good, there are actually a lot of downsides in buying them.

One reason is their extremely high price. Not all people can buy and use them. People who would like to try before they buy may also be deterred because Chantecaille do not offer trials and testers, which means you would have to spend a lot just to test them.

Lastly, they claim to have a special formulation for their products that is a fusion of science and nature – this may be ideal for any beauty product because you get the idea that there are a lot of natural ingredients in it plus the idea of nanotechnology, but they actually fail to post a detailed list of the ingredients for their products.

In that way, people who may have allergic concerns or those who are just simply curious do not have a means of knowing how their product can affect their skin.

In the end, sticking to more trusted anti-aging products that come in a cheaper price could still be a great move. Speaking of lower prices, there are actually other companies that offer products containing gold in them at a lower price compared to Chantecaille cosmetics.