The Wonderful New Turkey Fryer

Char-Broil The Big Easy Turkey Fryer
Credit: pwarlick


I think it was fast and efficient, and it worked rather well. It comes with a booklet and it explains how to cook other meat and vegetables in it as well. It browned the turkey without the reflector lid having to be placed on it, but we used it the last 20 minutes of cooking. The turkey was not dry, and it tasted great.


The only draw back to it was that you had to position the turkey in a standing up position with the legs spread to ensure doneness on the inside of the cavity. The skin and flesh on the bottom part of the legs charred a little. I don’t know if it was because of the device, or the fact that we put a turkey that was 4 lbs heavier than what the box stated. Other than that, I feel like that it was a good purchase and will come in handy throughout the year. A recipe book comes with it and it has recipes for meats other than poultry.

Full Review

I had planned on a Thanksgiving dinner for two this year, however, we discovered that lots of people were coming to our house anyway. We had to do something fast. My boyfriend went out and purchased a Char-Broil: The Big Easy Infrared Turkey Fryer while he was picking up some materials from Lowe’s. Men say that women have problems with impulse shopping, but that was an expensive impulse buy to me. Not that I am complaining about the purchase. We had been thinking about trying to deep fry a turkey, and see what that was all about, however, I believe a turkey should be a Butterball turkey and it should be cooked in a bag!

Anyway, what’s done is done. For a little over a $100.00 we got The Big Easy. On the box it stated it was for a 16lb. Turkey. So, I started contemplating about how a 20lb turkey was ever going to ever fit inside the chamber. We took it out of the box and discovered that some assembly was required. It wasn’t very difficult at all. He read the directions and had it put together before I finished watching the assembly video on the internet. The directions were very basic and easy to understand.

After he assembled it we had to coat the interior of the chamber with vegetable oil. Then he hooked it up to the propane tank and turn it on until it stopped smoking. That didn’t take but a few minutes. The inside of the cooker changed from a silver finish to a deep bronze. We then used the hook that came with it to lower the turkey that surprisingly fit in the rack down into the chamber. It cooked the turkey at 10 minutes per pound so it was a little over 3 hours and it was done. The drippings from the turkey drained into a tray that has a lined foil tray inside of it. He wiped it out and stored it and it was done.

In Closing

All in all, I think the Char-Broil Oil less Infrared Turkey Fryer was a good deal. It was fast and did not dry out the turkey. It is easy to care for and clean. I did not like how it charred the bottom part of the thighs, and it is rather large as far as storage is concerned, but as far as quality and time goes, I give it an A.