Chardonnay white wine is the most popular white wine to drink in the United States. If you're thinking about buying white wine gift baskets, then shopping for Chardonnay white wine gift baskets might make for a great gift for women. Not really the gift for men, though. Chardonnay white wine gift baskets make for great gifts for women who enjoy drinking wine, and love the snacks that come with wine gift baskets. If the holidays are coming up, or someone has a birthday and you have no idea what to get them, then wine gift baskets can really make an impression on someone special in your life. Especially if you're a male, and you're figuring out what to get your little lady for her birthday, Christmas, or anniversary. Wine gift baskets with a personal card expressing your feelings is a one-way ticket to utopia. Down below is a look for some wine gift baskets to buy online. Prices might be high, but if you got a special anniversary coming up, then you must do it right and get her what she needs.

Chardonnay White Wine and Cheese Gift Baskets

Figuring out which white wine gift basket to buy depends on this person's preference. Wine and cheese gift baskets are very popular and go well together. A very cheap Chardonnay white wine and cheese gift basket to purchase is the Chardonnay Chic Wine Gift Box. If price is really an issue, you can still give your woman a romantic gift. Or the wine and cheese gift basket can make for a great dinner party gift. It is a very cheap white wine gift basket, but includes popular accessories like cheese, cheer delights, spicy almonds, amaretto cookies, and sesame crackers. It is hard to find Chardonnay white wine gift baskets under $50 dollars, but this wine gift basket only costs $34.95 at

If you're looking for more of a romantic Chardonnay white wine gift basket and price isn't a problem, then the Mrs. Beasley's Champagne and Chardonnay Gourmet Snack and Wine Gift Basket contains two bottles of fine white wine - 2004 Napa Valley Beringer Founder's Estate Chardonnay and Piper Sonoma Sparkling Wine. The white wine basket comes with focaccia crisps, pistoulet French herb dip, ferrero rocher chocolate, pistachios, brie cheese spread and Los Olivos wine and cheese biscuits. You can buy these cheese and Chardonnay white wine gift baskets online at Eat Gourmet for $89.95. It's on sale and going for a pretty good price.

Chardonnay White Wine and Chocolate Gift Baskets

Nothing quite says the meaning of love than Chardonnay white wine and chocolate gift baskets. Especially for women, chocolate should be included. If you're shopping for white wine gift baskets for women, then you can bet that chocolate is something they'd expect in their gift baskets. A good white wine and chocolate gift basket to purchase is Chardonnay by Robert Mondavi: Gourmet Gift Basket With White Wine. The gift comes with dark chocolate drops, dark chocolate squares, and chocolate chip cookies. Other gifts included in the chocolate white wine gift basket include mozzarella cheese swirls, cheese spread, roaster garlic crackers, dijon flat crisps, and all-natural cranberry crunch. The gift basket is filled with delicious snacks. It's a bit of an expensive Chardonnay white wine gift basket to buy. However, it can be a chance to make a real hit with the significant other. You can send a personal message of your choice as well. You can buy at Gift Baskets Etc, which will keep you under $100 dollars.

If it's someone's birthday, then what better way to celebrate with a chocolate gift basket of their favorite Chardonnay white wine. The Cupcake Chardonnay: Gourmet & Wine Gift Basket contains loads of goodies and snacks. Gifts included are french vanilla dark chocolate truffles, lindt dark chocolate truffles, oatmeal chocolate chunk cookies, and white chocolate macadamia cookies. Other snacks included are popcorn, cheddar & chives potato chips, rosemary & olive oil kettle cooked potato chips, Chardonnary Havarti cheese spread, shortbread cookies with "Happy Birthday" on the cookies, and tuscan style crackers. The bottle of wine featured is cupcake vineyards chardonnay white wine. You can buy the Cardonnay white wine gift basket online at, and Bob's gift baskets. The chocolate and Chardonnay white wine gift baskets are the cheapest at those online stores, that are going for about $66 dollars. A great bargain with the amount of snacks and treats added.

Cardonnay White Wine, Cheese and Fruit Gift Baskets

Cardonnay white wine gift baskets with fruit and cheese are very popular wine gift baskets. Fruits go with wine, and obviously wine is made from grapes. Cheese and fruit gift baskets with Cardonnay white wine are romantic gift ideas for women. Most white wine and fruit gift baskets will also come with cheese. Fruit Cheese & California white wine gift baskets are expensive. The gift basket comes with two bottles of Meridian Vineyards Chardonnay White Wine. The fruits included are oranges and apples. Other goodies included are monterey jack cheese, colby cheddar cheese, muenster cheese, barber cream crackers, monet crispy crackers, breadsticks, cheese straws, pretzel sticks, and mixed nuts. You can purchase the gift basket for under $150 dollars at