Court cases and other criminal cases that involve individuals charged with theft over $5000 need to be taken seriously. A person found guilty to theft over $5000 will be charged under an indictable offence and can face an imprisonment term of up to 10 years. If you have been charged with theft over $5000, you need to decide to either not speak a word about it and seek legal counsel, or represent the case yourself. It is highly advised that you get a criminal lawyer to assist you with the legal proceedings as it is a criminal charge. You will want an attorney from a reputed law firm handling your case.

The first step that you need to follow if you have been charged with theft over $5000 is to start co-operating. There will be a number of investigations that will take place before the prosecutor presents the matter in court. During this process, the more you co-operate, the better will be your chances of facing a lenient hearing. The prosecutor may ask for supporting evidence to prove that the alleged theft is not done by you. If there is a way that you can prove your innocence, you will need to show hard evidence that supports your claims.

There may also be a way to settle the matter out of court. Try to see if you can seek a date to talk with the prosecutor or prosecution party and work things out. If you cannot come to a conclusion or if both parties fail to come to an agreement, matters will move into a judicial hearing.

As the case is being presented in court, you will need to sit down with your lawyer and jot down the points that will help you get a better outcome. If you have co-operated during the investigation process and have a fair share of substantial evidence, there will be no reasons to worry about getting charged.
In addition, your sentence depends on how you present yourself in a court room. If the judge believes that you are a decent citizen that made a mistake (and you don't have a prior rap sheet), chances are that you can get away with a small fine. You will only be indebted to pay off a 15% surcharge that the prosecution is owed. Hence, it is essential that you keep your papers clean and get them approved for the case. A well reputed lawyer that has experience in handling criminal cases can assist you in cutting down the fine.

There are a number of attorneys that can help you out but the bottom line is that you need to be prepared for the consequences if you did in fact commit the crime. If you have the right evidence that you are not responsible for the theft or if the prosecution is wrongly accusing you of a crime that you have not committed, do not worry; justice will be served. However, if you are innocent but do not have the necessary documents to prove that you are responsible for the outcome of events, you will need to get a good lawyer that can back up your case strongly so as to ensure that you are provided with an impartial hearing. Remember, to always have all your documents and papers attested before you can commence with the hearing process. Being charged with theft over $5000 is a serious offence and you need to ensure that your legal proceedings are carried out professionally in a court of law. Improper behavior, failing to appear in court and refusing to comply with the investigation process can prove to have detrimental effects.