Charismatic leadership focuses on the people's concerns, not over production or tasks. Leaders who develop this type of leadership, spend most of their time trying to meet the needs of their followers. They also accept feedback from their followers.

People who practice charismatic leadership try to create comfortable and friendly environments. The type of environment usually produces great work and results, even though this is not the focus.

Some of the most well-known leaders with this style of leadership include Adolph Hitler, Winston Churchill, Bill Clinton, and Mother Teresa.

To gain the trust of their followers, they reached out through emotion. In turn, they gained their followers' respect and loyalty. Charismatic leadership techniques can be very effective if the leaders are confident that they will work.

Charismatic leaders understand the goals of a company and how it relates to the employees. They are willing to go the extra mile to make employees feel comfortable so that the goal can be made.

Sometimes they will even sacrifice their own financial safety, and take personal risks to reach their goals. This type of behavior usually impresses followers to action.

Charismatic leadership tendencies are really appreciated in companies when a new product is being launches, or there is a current crisis. They are not known for their long-term abilities.

Depending on the type of situation, a charismatic leader is not always attractive. Charismatic leadership skills are not always the best when you are trying to achieve high levels of performance. Charismatic leaders may not be the best leader for seeing an entire project through to the end.

On the other hand, they are great for starting a process and getting through tough times. If you need a leader who will help improve employee relations or employee comfort, a charismatic leader would be a great influence.

When you think of charismatic leadership, it is easy to think of someone that is inspiring. Most charismatic leaders seem to be natural leaders.

Many times they don't know that they are using certain tactics and strategies to win the heart of the people. Those that do, are known to be not only charismatic, but conscious leaders as well.

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