Pure Love

Meaning of Charity

It took around 35 years for me to understand the real meaning of Charity. We generally think that charity is all about donation of money, food, clothing and all the other needful things. That is true, however, we do not get peace from that unless we love truly.

True Love is hardly understood by anyone in this world. The true charity is not about giving and taking donations of materialistic things. It actually means loving other person beyond forgiveness. Well, have you ever imagined about the love beyond forgiveness?

Love Beyond Forgiveness
 A human being cannot love any other person without expecting anything in return, however, when God loves, he does love us unconditionally. That is why God has peace within. Now how about the humans beings? Can they love in the same way? I truly understood the meaning of Charity when I loved a person unconditionally and beyond forgiveness. Finally, I got peace.

We human beings are spiritless and hence we cannot love anyone in this world. However, when God looks towards us with full mercy, He gives us Charity that never fails. God's mercy is more than sufficient for us to move from the 99% to 101% in our life. This also means that we really do not lack anything in our life. All we need is the Grace of God that makes us more than 100%.

Have you ever thought about those days when you really could not remain stable due to many distractions, past failures and deep hurt dwelling within your heart? Well, not only that, we often tend to commit suicide when nothing works. We need Charity at that time. I would rather say that we need to do Charity when we want to live this life.

What is Charity?
Charity is the gift given by God to us.
 It is free to have the Grace of God and that is His True Love, Holy Spirit and True Mercy that results in Peace. The fruits of Charity are limitless. There is no separation when we love someone very truly and this Love embedded in the God's Holy Truth is known as "Charity". So what is the truth behind love? Pure love that never fails cannot be done without the Grace of God or the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of God comes upon us all the time and that is the point when we love. So is it our mistake that we cannot love others? No, not at all. A human being is helpless without the Mercy of God. The process of loving others start with God's Mercy upon us. If He gives us punishment then we won't get any chance to love anyone. So, we wait and time chances everything.

We also need materialistic things like money, food, water, clothing, shelter, friends, relatives and happiness of the world. However, when we love we get everything. This point is very important for us because we believe that love is in these worldly things. In fact, most of us live and even die thinking that, however, the real or the true love is in loving others even when they are wrong. We can also say that when we love others truly, they also become true for us, no matter what.

This is a deep thinking. Only those who think upon this can understand that in our life we need love and when we need it we receive it bountifully. When we do not blame others, condemn others, charge others for any wrong doings we love. Also, when we have mercy on others we love. If I summarize this, then, it is understood that we love when we see perfection (Truth) in others even when they are imperfect(Fact).

If, you wish to read more about the meaning of Charity then please read my signature. God is with you and hence you are reading this message of God.